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Racists Turn C-SPAN Discussion on Civil Rights into White Pride Rant

On Thursday, a discussion on civil rights went terribly awry when callers turned the C-SPAN show Washington Journal into a commercial for white pride and racism.

Despite the fact that the topic of the day was the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Amendments, callers made it clear what they really wanted to talk about was the accomplishments of white folk and how they were the ones who were truly oppressed.

“I think it’s time for white pride,”one caller, who went by the name ‘Joe in Ohio’ and claimed to be in his 80’s said on the air. “We have built this country — Irish, Italians, Germans, Irish, wherever they have come from Europe,” he said, forgetting about the contribution of slaves, Chinese railroad workers and countless other non-white groups to the country throughout history. “No country in the world has produced what the white man has produced for every culture and race in America.”

Then, just in case he thought he was not being offensive enough, ‘Joe’ even took a stab at “liberal white women that claim there is a war against women,”demanding that they are making men feel bad.

Host Steve Scully, noticeably uncomfortable with the tone of the calls, also fielded a phone-in from a guy named Thomas from Maryland, who claimed that when it came to being oppressed, it is the white man who is suffering.

“And I think the blacks have brought on most of their present-day problems themselves. They insult white people,” Thomas moaned. “I heard it right on your own show, I heard some black call Karl Rove a ‘white boy.’ And I don’t think that’s right. They’re attacking white people in the big cities and we’re supposed to put up with that kind of stuff and like them and say, ‘Well, come into our neighborhood.’ And how about the discussion of the black crime that goes on in this country?”

Then, just as the racism and bigotry of the callers was reaching a feverish pitch, another caller offered this tidbit.

“I’m kind of like that last guy. The white man has done more for the black man in this country — I think the black man owes the white man a thank you,” Terry in North Carolina said.

“Ok Terry from North Carolina,” Scully replied managing to keep his cool despite the outrageous racist vitriol being spewed at him by callers to the show.


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