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‘We’re Not Racist’: Protesters Gather Again at Border Control Facility to Tell Migrants to Go Home

Anti-migrant protesters gathered outside of a Murrieta, California border control facility on the 4th of July to stop a second group of buses from entering their town.

Chanting, shouting, and waiting, the group spent their holiday making it known they did not want taxpayer money being used to help the influx of refugees from Central America – mostly children – entering the country in unprecedented numbers.

They also wanted to make it clear, that despite what liberals say, they are not racist.

“We’re not like that. We’re very good people, very compassionate people,” Anita Radosevic, one of the protesters said, pointing out that it is not all undocumented immigrants that she doesn’t like, just the ones who don’t act ‘American’ enough.

“But the people that are coming in, they’re not from Mexico,” she said. “We’re more than willing to help our illegals from Mexico. They’re more like Americans. They come here and they work hard.”

The protesters recently sparked ire – as well as waves of support- when they blocked three buses of migrants -mostly women and children – from entering the Murrieta processing facility, forcing them to turn back and head to another facility. Many said that they feared the diseases and wave of crimes that the ‘illegals’ would bring into the country and were responding to their Mayor’s ‘not in my town’ stance.

Since then, the Murrieta administration has backed down from the mayor’s anti-migrant talk and encouraged the protesters to go home.

“We understand that people want to come to the U.S. to seek a better life for their families, and we are a compassionate people who want to help,” City Manager Rick Dudley said in a statement. “But we also are a country whose legal system is based on the rule of law, and the people migrating must do so within the boundaries of the law. The protests resulting from the incorrect interpretations of Mayor Long’s comments have given our community a black eye.”

Some protesters, though, made it clear they were not going to stop protesting until America stops ‘coddling’ those who arrive at the borders uninvited and by protesting they were sending a message to those in Central America not to come.

“Why? Because eventually, enough buses get turned away, worldwide attention – they’re going to get it down in Central America,” said Greg Allison, a Murrieta resident and protester said.  “They’re going to the story, ‘Oh, it’s not working, stop sending your kids up to America because they’re being turned away.”

The buses scheduled for 4th of July never showed. The government remained mum about when future buses are expected to arrive in the town that has become ground zero for the anti-migrant debate.

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