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Open Carry Activists Hold 4th of July Rally in Virginia, Only 2 People Show

An open carry rally held on the 4th of July fizzled after gun activists failed to show.

Two lone activists walked around Carytown, Virginia on Friday passing out fliers and carrying an American flag.

For the most part, the demonstration of two was polite. One activist was overheard saying to shoppers, “Excuse me ladies, would you like a flyer? We’re just educating people about the constitutional rights.”

In response, the passersby mostly either took the flyers or said ‘no thank you’, hardly the sparks expected earlier in the week when residents called for a boycott of the shopping area on the day of the gun-toting rally.

Gun activist Scott Royle had previously said that he hoped people would come to the rally and the shopping area so that they could be educated about their gun rights.

“The people who are choosing to stay away, because of that, are the people we are trying to reach the most, because they are the ones that need the education of the firearms,” Royle claimed in the days before the rally, still confident the open carry protest would be a success. He also added,“we have done nothing wrong, we’re just simply exercising our rights.”

Despite the low turnout on rally day, concerned residents did take to social media to express their concern and support of the duo of activists in Carytown.

One resident, opposed to the weapon carrying, claimed if he saw the protesters, he would call the cops.

“I will presume you are a terrorist threat and call 911 immediately,” one person wrote. “ I encourage everyone else to do the same.”

This and other similar remarks prompted one pro-open carry activist, who was not in the rally, to shoot back that the gun toters were in right and did not deserve such hostility.

“Why is it we get threatened like that, where we’re just exercising our rights like everyone else?” the activist asked.

The local police said they understand both sides of the contentious issue and were prepared to allow the open carry activists to peacefully protest even if more than two showed up.

“I think the individuals want to make their demonstration, their points of view and we fully understand that. We also understand the concerns of the citizens, the business owners, people who are shopping in Carytown,” Richmond Police Major Steve Drew said, vowing to support the rights and responsibilities of  residents on both sides of the open carry debate.

Photo Credit: CBS 6

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