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Ted Cruz Blames Obama for Kids Arriving at US Border ‘Raped and Maimed’, Wants to Send Them Back Anyhow

In a Monday radio interview, Republican Senator Ted Cruz made it clear that there is only one person to blame for the influx of migrant children arriving at the U.S. borders – President Barack Obama.

“It is a crisis of his own making,” Cruz told the listeners of Sean Hannity’s show. “This is a direct consequence of President Obama’s lawlessness.”

He also accused Obama of being soft on immigration, leading people to think America has opened its borders to one and all.

“The president unilaterally and lawlessly granted amnesty to some 800,000 immigrants who had come here as children,” Cruz continued. “As a direct result, we saw the numbers skyrocket.”

Then showing a softer side, Cruz called the humanitarian crisis ‘heartbreaking,’ noting that the children fleeing from war-torn nations must rely on violent thugs during their journey to America and are often harmed, or even killed, along the way.

“The most heartbreaking aspect of this is you look at some 90,000 little boys and little girls coming in illegally, the people bringing them in, they’re not well-meaning social workers,” Cruz said.

“They will force one little boy or one little girl to cut off the fingers or ears of other little boys or little girls,” he further explained,  claiming that immigration officials said many of the children arriving at the border had been ‘maimed’ and raped by the traffickers.

Getting back to his original point, Cruz then demanded that this violence towards children was also Obama’s fault since the President put out the welcome mat for them to come.

“This is heartbreaking, and it is the direct result of President Obama’s lawlessness,” Cruz told Hannity, failing to mention, of course, that it was under the Bush administration that the child trafficking laws were first put into place.

To counter Obama’s bungling, Cruz also offered his own ‘humane policy’ solution to help the ‘maimed boys and girls’ arriving at America’s borders.

“The children will not stop coming, and will not stop being subjected to this horrific physical violence and sexual violence unless and until this administration begins enforcing our laws,” Cruz said, demanding that the best solution to the influx of migrant children was to send them back to their war-torn, poverty-inflicted countries that they risked being raped and maimed just to escape.

Photo Credit: Screenshot (Watchman Conference 2014)


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