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Gohmert Proposes Sending US Troops to Mexico to Stop Influx of Migrant Kids

This week, Republican Congressman Louis Gohmert proposed a novel idea to stopping the influx of migrant kids mostly from  El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala – send U.S. troops into Mexico.

During an interview with radio host Dan Maduri, Gohmert suggested that if Obama was serious about stopping people from crossing over the U.S. border he would take action with military reinforcements, just like Woodrow Wilson did in 1916.

“If he wanted to, he could do what Woodrow Wilson did — and he’s certainly not one of my favorite presidents,” Gohmert said on Tuesday. “But after Pancho Villa’s gangs came across, I believe in Arizona, and killed some American families, he said, ‘That’s it.’ He sent John Pershing with troops into Mexico. And you can read some different versions. Tens of thousands of National Guard were put on the border. And Dan, nobody came in that we didn’t want to come in.”

Gohmert is actually talking about a 1916 threat to U.S. military supplies by Pancho Villa, a Mexican revolutionary who raided U.S. troops near the border to get munitions for his own operations to oust the sitting Mexican President. Even though accounts do vary, in no version of the story is it claimed that Villa’s gangs were full of migrant kids trying to escape poverty and war-torn regions of the world nor do any accounts suggest Villa’s gangs wanted to stay longer in America than the time needed to steal troops guns and supplies.

Undeterred by such pesky details, however, Gohmert also used his time at the mike for some anti-Islamic, border control related fear mongering, pointing out that along with the migrant kids slipping through Obama’s wide open borders, Islamic terrorists were surely coming through too.

“It’s constantly increasing,” Gohmert said about the wave of undocumented immigrants.  “So the radical Islamists, they’re not missing a beat, they understand the border’s open, so they’re coming, drugs coming, sex trafficking’s coming, and it’s got to stop.”

He also claimed he had ‘proof’ in the form of an unnamed border patrolman.

“I’m telling you what the border patrolmen tell me,” Gohmert said. “That we have more people than ever coming from countries that have radical Islamic terrorism coming in. I can’t tell you that they’re terrorists because they’re not being stopped.”

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