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Klayman Compares American Jews to Adolf Hitler, Says Obama is an Anti-Semite

Censured DC lawyer Larry Klayman may have been born to Jewish parents and claims to be a Messianic Jew, but that does not make his 4th of July editorial in WorldNetDaily any less offensive.

While Klayman has himself distanced himself from the Jewish community, choosing to identify himself as both ‘Christian and Jewish,’  Klayman railed against liberal Jews who he said have done the same, calling them the greatest enemies of the Jewish people and going so far as to compare American Jews to Nazi leader Adolph Hitler.

First, though, Klayman made it clear in his most recent rant that he thinks Barack Obama and John Kerry are both anti-Semitic, as demonstrated by the fact they “were quick to blame Israeli settlers on the West Bank” for burning an Arab teenager alive.” (Klayman, of course, omits the fact that 3 of the 6 boys, all of whom are Jewish and Israeli, have confessed to the heinous murder, something reported widely in Israel’s own press.)

He then goes on to say even Obama and Kerry’s anti-Semitism pales in comparison to those self-hating, liberal Jews of America who have abandoned their roots and their values.

“While this type of anti-Semitic behavior is predictable from Obama and his secretary of state, what is more frightening is the reaction of many liberal Jews themselves,” he opined.  “These Jews, indeed self-hating ones, lose no opportunity to distance themselves from their Judeo-Christian heritage in the style of Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky and indeed the evil Fuhrer Adolf Hitler himself.”

He went on to say that ‘these types of Jews’ were pulling the strings in Obama’s White House, covering up their anti-Israel and anti-Semitic practices. In doing so, he said, they are “among the greatest enemies of the Jewish people.”

Of course, Klayman should know, given the fact he has appointed himself the official Jew-outer dating back to the Clinton administration, racking up his own lengthy list of Jewish enemies, mostly liberals and the press.

Back in the Clinton era, he was blaming the “Jews in the liberal press establishment” who continued to defend the Clinton White House.  More recently, he has called out the “so-called Jewish leaders in Hollywood and elsewhere” for helping lead the push for same-sex marriage and ruining both America and Jewish people’s morality in the process.

The IRS scandal, according to Klayman, was caused by Lois Lerner, another Jewish ‘enemy.’

Knowing his Jew-bashing past, then, makes it even less surprising that when the Republican lawyer needed someone to blame for the current crisis in Israel and Palestine, he found some liberal Jews to blame.

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