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Murrieta Protesters: Migrants Turning America into ‘Third World Country’

Murrieta protesters are digging in and have vowed to fight the nation’s newest invaders – migrant children arriving at the border.

Unfazed by the fact that no buses showed on 4th of July, the group has declared that they will remain at Murrieta for as long as it takes to fight for American rights and protect the nation from turning into a third-world country because of the migrants.

Dan Russell, 71, made the trip from San Diego on Monday because he “heard on the radio that another bus was coming.” His third trip, he made the trek to lend support to the anti-migrant cause.

Shouting “U.S.A” and “Send them home,” Russell joined other protesters holding homemade signs calling for others to “Remember 911 and Benghazi,” telling migrants to go home and demanding taxpayer money be spent on ‘real’ Americans.

Russell said he is angry at the government because “the frontier is wide open. Everybody can pass.”

Like many others holding signs, he also feared that the migrants would infect Americans by being allowed into the country.

“They’re bringing third world diseases,” he said, insisting he saw “reports on polio and H1N1″ proving just how dangerous the migrant kids are.

Greg Allison, another protester agreed, sarcastically asking if we allow the migrants to stay then,“Why not have all the oppressed children from Sudan or Ukraine or China come here as well?”

Echoing Russell, he also warned, “If we don’t stop them we’ll turn into a third world country.”

As in other days when buses were expected, counter-protesters also were present, shouting pro-migrant messages and encouraging everyone to realize that the children now in the custody of border control authorities faced great peril in hopes of coming to a a land of safety, not ridicule.

One counter-protester also said underneath it all, he thinks the anti-migrant protesters were just racists, unwilling to look beyond the skin color of the new arrivals.

“[They] see brown and they think it’s not good,” Miguel Rodriguez said, pointing out newcomers to America “are gonna work hard. That’s what people don’t understand.”

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“It’s not about hate. It’s about love for our own.”

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