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Are Republicans Finally Admitting They Like Obamacare?

Republicans have been moaning about Obamacare for a long time now, claiming it is a responsible for the killing of unborn children and even comparing it to Islamic Sharia law. 

Now, a new poll suggests Obamacare may not be all that bad and even the staunchest of Republican supporters are benefiting from the Affordable Care Act.

In a survey conducted by the Commonwealth Fund, nearly three-quarters of all those surveyed were satisfied with their health care options.

“Overall, 73 percent of people who bought health plans and 87 percent of those who signed up for Medicaid said they were somewhat or very satisfied with their new health insurance,” the poll found.

More significantly, among Republican consumers. 74 percent liked their plans and  “77 percent of people who had insurance before — including members of the much-publicized group whose plans got canceled last year — were happy with their new coverage.”

Among all people seeking out new coverage, in fact, over one-half said they were better off now under Obamacare than they were before the insurance options were available.

Ironically, the Republicans fear mongering might have actually resulted in more of those happy campers being enrolled in the first place.

According to a separate study, all that anti-Obamacare talk from the Republican camp helped to focus the public’s interest on Obamacare, and ultimately encouraged more people to sign up.

When the Brookings Institute took a hard look at enrollment figures, it found that in states where Republican efforts to mock Obamacare were the strongest, more people actually sought out subsidized care through the ACA marketplaces.

“After controlling for other state characteristics such as low per capita income population and average insurance premiums, I observe a positive association between the anti-ACA spending and ACA enrollment,” Brookings Institute researcher Niam Yaraghi wrote.

In other words, all that heavily bad-mouthing of Obamacare seems to have actually backfired, driving people to Obamacare where many, even the Republican faithful, seem to have discovered it was not so bad after all.

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