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Hobby Lobby Supporter: My Gun and My Bible Represent America’s Founding Principles

A Hobby Lobby supporter wielding an assault rifle and a Bible sparked internet controversy after people pointed out the similarity of her picture to photos by infamous female terrorist, the ‘White Widow’.

Now, West Virginia mom Holly Fischer is defending the shot she posted to social media, claiming that she intended the photo to illustrate ‘America’s Founding Principles’ and freedom.

Fischer told Fox News that she thought of the pose after she celebrated the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court victory with a selfie in front of a Hobby Lobby with her anti-abortion shirt and Chick-Fil-A cup. According to her, lots of people thought that the photo would be even better with a flag, a gun and a Bible.

So she posed again, this time inadvertently taking on the same stance as a notorious terrorist and raising internet ire in the process.

“I expected less backlash with this than I did the first one because the picture is, like, America’s founding principles,” Fischer told Fox News on Wednesday sounding more clueless than controversial. “That’s all that’s in the picture. And I really didn’t think it would cause the uproar that it has.”

She added that even though she taunted liberals in her post, she is not really hateful in her heart and really just loves her 1st and 2nd Amendment rights.

“I know I’m not going to change any minds of liberals,” she said on the air. “And I accept that. I understand. Like, I’m not hateful with people who don’t agree with me, but I just want people to know that it’s okay. Like, you’re not alone.”

Commenters on Reddit, however, were less kind to the hapless Hobby Lobby supporter, some even threatening the young woman and accusing her of being intentional provocative and mean-spirited.

Yet perhaps Reddit user ‘The Cannon’ summed the whole brouhaha the best.

“The disturbing and border-line-hilarious part of this is that those people are completely blind to the glaring parallels [to terrorist images],” the user said, pointing out Holly and others simply failed to see what the picture implied.

Of course, the clueless camp includes the folk at Fox News, who used the internet attention to  encourage Fischer and praise her for standing up against the ‘vicious left’ who used mean Reddit users to try and take away her freedom of speech.

Photo Credit: Holly Fischer/Twitter

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