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This MN Republican Wants You to Believe AIDS is Caused from ‘Sodomy’, Not a Virus

A Minnesota Republican candidate for Congress this week set AIDS education back decades when he announced that the disease was the result of sodomy, not a virus.

Bob Frey – whose political resume includes other unsuccessful bids for office as well as aiding fellow Minnesota GOPer Michele Bachmann – explained to MinnPost that his real problem with gay people was not their lifestyle but the pesky way they kept giving each other AIDS, costing taxpayers too much money in the process.

“When you have egg and sperm that meet in conception, there’s an enzyme in the front that burns through the egg. The enzyme burns through so the DNA can enter the egg,” Frey explained, acting as if his theory was actually scientific fact. “If the sperm is deposited anally, it’s the enzyme that causes the immune system to fail. That’s why the term is AIDS – acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.”

It is important to point out Frey is very, very wrong. According to AIDS.gov, sperm enzymes have absolutely nothing to do with getting AIDS.  HIV infection is the result of a virus and happens when an infected person’s bodily fluids (which can include semen, blood, vaginal fluid and even breast milk) come in contact with a damaged mucous membrane. AIDS refers to the late-stage of the disease, which happens when the HIV virus causes the bodies immune system to be severely compromised.

The fact that Frey’s theory sidesteps any accepted theory on HIV and AIDS, though, did not stop the candidate from declaring war on sodomy in an effort to save taxpayers cash.

“It’s not about the gay agenda but about the science and the financial impact of that agenda,” Frey said, trying to convince voters that his stance was about economics, not hate. “It’s more about sodomy than about pigeonholing a lifestyle…It’s huge amounts of money. AIDS is a long-term illness, causing pain, suffering, death, a long-term illness that’s very expensive to treat.”

Photo Credit: MinnPost

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  • David William Rutledge

    He talks as dumb as he looks

  • djwilck

    Why does he spend so much time thinking about what gay guys do, hmmmmm?

  • Karlheinz Groeger

    The stupid is especially strong with this one! Where do these uninformed idiots keep coming from?

  • Wendy

    How does someone so horrible to look at even get one minute of our attention. Having said that I guess he is a scientist for the tea party …
    lying seems to be so easy for these people; but let’s be real; it is only about money for any of them, but to use the aids crisis as a chip
    is despicably low.

  • janetramos

    What a Fricken idiot. .u know I’d love to call him something else..prick