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Scary! Moms With Guns Founder Posts Pic of Obama, Asks ‘Where is an Assassin When You Need One’

Moms With Guns Demand Action founder Kathy Perkins chimed in about Obama’s recent trip to Texas by calling for the President’s assassination.

Angry that Obama chose not to visit the border during his trip, Perkins shared a pic posted by Fox & Friends First that poked fun at Obama for having fun while the Republican governor of Texas was hard at work.

“President Obama snacks on some Texas BBQ while Gov. Perry tours the Mexican border. So who’s really out of touch here?” the Fox & Friends First caption read.

Above it, Perkins added her own call for action. “Where is an assasin (sic) when you need one?”

Shortly after posting the threat to the President, Perkins closed down the Moms With Guns Facebook account but not before Liberaland managed to get a screen capture of the shot as well as some provocative anti-Obama comments submitted by supporters.

Under the call for Obama’s assassination, one Facebooker wrote, ““I know…I’m amazed it hasn’t happened yet,” while another wrote, “Duh.”

Liberaland also found this sage advice offered by Perkins on her account about what is means to be a red, white, and blue American.

“This is NOT political. This is FACT. If you support Obama and gun control you hate America and Patriotism. End of story. Keep your guns, practice daily, and be ready,” Perkins wrote on the Facebook page above an image accusing Obama of standing by Muslims and supporting traitors.

While Perkins’ Mom With Guns twitter account is still active, it does not contain any Presidential assassination talk. It does, however, say some pretty scary things considering the woman is heavily armed and seems willing to shoot.

A post from July 12 proclaims, “Gun control is the key to tyranny!”  Other tweets broadcast conspiracy theories about the UN in America and Obamacare being used to microchip Americans.

Perkins has also posted an anti-Obama Fox News clip with the headline, “Revolution Time!” as well as her efforts to educate schools and even Girl Scouts about the need to carry guns everywhere because “An armed society is a safe society,” something that feels  even less true knowing that Perkins and her friends are ranting, angry, and armed to the teeth.

Photo Credit: Screen Capture by Liberaland

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