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Allen West Crazy Talk: Obama and His ‘Demonic Deceivers’ are Using Immigrant Kids to Turn Red States Blue

Allen West is at it again. The former Congressman and notorious anti-Obama basher has spewed yet another fact-challenged conspiracy theory, this time accusing Obama and his ‘demonic deceivers’ of unleashing immigrant kids in the Republican states in a dastardly plan to turn the states blue.

In his latest rant published on his website, West claimed that the White House is secretly dispersing the immigrant kids across the country to endanger ‘real’ Americans and serve the liberal agenda and voting needs.

Heavily quoting Fox News for his ‘facts’, West relied on debunked anti-immigration talk to declare the immigrant kids are a danger to society because they bring in third-world diseases and increase crime.

“I no longer believe it’s incompetence. It’s purposeful,” West said about the White House’s stance on immigration and the border.

“These actions clearly show Obama’s priorities are not addressing what is afflicting Americans and our issues with security, crime, and violence…What is even more disturbing is this — who medically cleared these children for dispersion into American society?”

Ignoring the fact there is no correlation between the increase in immigration and crime nationwide and the immigrant kids are better vaccinated than some born in America, West then continued to spin his conspiratorial talk by declaring the left’s real goal in  allowing all the kids to stay in America was to bolster the Democratic cause and change red states’ demographics and turn them blue.

Pointing out that both Texas and Arizona both have Republican governors and have been forced to absorb more than their fair share of immigrants, West surmised that, “Nebraska is another red state — could it be the liberal progressive objective is to begin altering the demographics there as well?”

He likewise opined, “And mighty interesting that the other two places where these illegal immigrant children may be settled, Chicago and Delaware, are the home states of the president and vice president. Those are facts, not conjecture or hyperbole, and certainly not conspiracy theory.”

He also warned his readers not to buy it when the Obama administration said they plan to send most of the kids back.

“Obama and his demonic deceivers redefined the term deportation to include turning around folks at the border – people who never made it across in the first place,” he falsely claimed despite the fact Obama has deported more people by far than Bush.

He also shot down any talk of ‘compassion’ in the case of Central American kids escaping poverty and war.

“My compassion is for America and Americans — not for those who enter our country illegally,” he claimed before declaring that based on his ‘evidence’, “Perhaps the true objective of the liberal progressives is a borderless America.”

Photo Credit: AllenBWest.com

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