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‘No Undocumented Democrats?’ Graffiti Pops Up on Proposed Housing Site for Immigrant Kids in Maryland

In case you thought no one believed GOPers like Allen West and Rep. Louis Gohmert when they said President Obama was sending the immigrant kids around the country in an attempt to up the number of Democrats in red states, think again.

Over the weekend, some spelling-challenged citizen angry about a plan to send immigrant kids to their town penned this graffiti on the side of a National Reserve building, “No Illeagles  here(sic), No undocumented Democrats.”

While it seems pointless to point out that most of the recent influx from Central America are minors and not U.S. citizens and therefore cannot vote anyhow (and most will not remain in the country), the ‘threat’ of the immigrant kids somehow altering the voting demographics of conservative states has become yet another tactic to turn GOPers against the children.

So far it seems to be working. Last week, Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) fought ‘dumping’ the kids in his state using the wildly overstated concern that they would be a health risk, despite the fact that the migrant kids are actually better vaccinated than many American kids and the risks are actually minimal.

As a result on Monday, the Maryland site – now covered with graffiti – was declared unsuitable by the government and the kids will go elsewhere, no doubt considered a ‘win’ by the anti-immigrant crowd.

Similar fights have been lodged in Vassar, Michigan; Hazleton, Pennsylvania; and League City, Texas as well as ‘ground zero’ for immigration protesters, Murrieta, California to keep the kids out.

An Arizona man is also fighting against allowing the migrant kids to be transferred to a facility for troubled youth in the state, claiming the kids did not deserve such nice accommodations.

“Putting these 40 kids up in this beautiful place — this is like putting these kids in the country club,” Robert Skiba told right-wing Breitbart.

“We’ve got to wake people in America up,” the anti-immigrant activist added, stressing he is willing to lead the fight to get American back for Americans and free from such Democrat-leaning ‘illegals.’  “This is our country. We’re just average people. [But] we’re not going to let them shove this down our throats.”

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