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Minnesota GOPer: Fossil Record Proves Dinosaurs Lived Alongside Humans

Minnesota GOP candidate Bob Frey recently raised internet ire when he mean-spiritedly and wrongly declared that AIDS is caused by gay men depositing their sperm in the wrong hole.

Now, it turns out the Michele Bachmann crony has a history of ridiculous and fact-bending remarks and once even demanded that that he had proof dinosaurs lived on the planet at the same time as humans.

Holding a large plastic femur to make his point, in a video uncovered by Bluestem Prairie, Frey actually testified in front of the Minnesota Senate Education Committee in 2004 that the state’s schools should be teaching the creationist view that dinosaurs and humans co-existed.

Showing his penchant of trying to sound scientific while spouting utter rubbish, Frey told the Senate Committee, “They like to say that humans probably evolved from bacteria that lived more than four billion years ago, but that’s not what we find in the fossil record.”

“There’s this 16-foot tall giant was found with numerous others around the world…Dinosaurs have always lived with man.  Is the rock wrong or is the theory wrong? I suggest to you that the theory is wrong,” he continued, wielding his plastic visual aid.

“And here’s a plesiosaur that washed up on the beach on Nova Scotia in 2002. This is a juvenile that also washed up on the beach in Lake Erie,” he continued, not making an entirely convincing claim that anything other than fossils were found, except for the fact according to him, the Bible says so.

“The Bible says ‘there were giants in the land in those days,’ in the early days. This shows that things are winding down, not winding up,” he further told the Committee, who seem for the most part just amused or trying to get Frey to shut up.

By the way, Frey couldn’t even get his fossil facts straight while testifying on the importance of kids’ education on the Senate record.  The plesiosaur that turned up on the Canadian beach actually turned out to be a rotting basking shark, a fact that was nearly 2-years-old when he chose to ignore it make his young earth creationist point.

Photo Credit: Screen Capture via Bluestem Prairie

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