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Judge to Sovereign Citizen: ‘The Law Does Not Work That Way’

Jack McCarthy hosts the conservative radio show  ‘Aroostook Watchmen’ and once called for the hanging of the Maine’s Democratic lawmakers for treason. He is also a self-described ‘sovereign citizen’ who claims he is not bound by such things as drivers’ licenses and other government trappings since the legitimate government has been “hijacked” by liberal leaders.

Yet this week, when he tried to explain his anti-license, anti-government stance in a Maine courtroom, he ended up with an earful from the judge instead.

McCarthy had been caught twice – once in 2011 and once in 2012 –  driving on an expired lieense. Refusing to pay the ticket and get a new license, he opted for a jury trial instead.

Since he was at no risk of jail time, one jury was selected to hear both cases against him. He also was not entitled to a public defender and ended up defending himself.

Once in the court room, McCarthy argued that the government was getting too intrusive and had no right to tell him whether or not he could drive a car since he refused to abide by the ‘illegitimate’ laws.

The judge presiding over the case, however, disagreed.

“The judge had to explain to the jury in his instructions that the law essentially doesn’t work that way,” said Assistant District Attorney John Pluto said. “If he was driving on a public road and if he was driving with a license that was expired, then he was guilty of driving without a license.”

Pluto also argued that McCarthy had purposely let his license lapse in order to turn the courtroom into a forum for his beliefs.

If that is the case, though, the jury made it clear that they are not about to buy into his ‘sovereign citizen’ claims.

They took only 15 minutes to decide that like the rest of the people of Maine, McCarthy needed a license to drive.

McCarthy now has the right to appeal the decisions and the sentence – two fines totaling $600 ($200 for the first offense, $400 for the second offense).

It is not clear if he plans to exercise that option.

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  • Cathryn Sykes

    There’s another word for these “sovereign citizens.” Crooks.

  • LyndaLBD

    He uses tax payer roads instituted By the government, he enjoys the ladies of others paid for by tax dollars and built by Americans who also work for the government and pay taxes. His claim is empty and he should be escorted to Cuba along with Ted Cruz and his father. Ted Cruz wants to sell if the national public parks.

  • J. Kevin Michel

    Another user without responsibility. If he wants to be sovereign, let him buy an island and go live there by himself without the benefit of “civilization”.

  • andacar

    One funny thing about these ‘sovereign citizens’ is how much they are like the ‘lazy libruz’ they hate to much. They want all the products of government like law enforcement, utilities, roads, etc. But they don’t want to PAY for them or be subject to the responsibilities they entail.

    • awake108

      It is called magical thinking typical of very young children ie 2 year olds They think things come by magic. Most people out grow this stage Then their are those that never grow up

  • twall10107

    Let me guess: Mr. McCarthy is now calling for the lynching of those “traitorous” jurors who declined to participate in his fantasy, is he?