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Florida Man Learns the Hard Way His Constitutional Rights Don’t Give Him Permission to Threaten To Shoot Public Officials

A Florida man knew better than to use foul language when addressing a meeting of the Miami-Dade County Commission this week. That did not stop him from getting in big trouble though, when he threatened to use deadly force against the elected officials.

Jose Antonio Fernandez, 54, was hopping mad about the fact his house – which is not in his name – is scheduled to be sold in a foreclosure auction.

“You confiscated my land already,” Fernandez said, referring to his nursery, which is locked in a legal battle due to environmental regulations and over $300,000 in owed money to Miami-Dade. “Now you want my house. I came here to tell you in public, if you sell my house, the ‘bleep’ is going to hit the fan,” he added, censoring his own cursing. “And I’m going to board the entire house with me inside.”

He then launched into an anti-government tirade that went well beyond free speech and ended in his arrest.

“You have become tyrants. You have become a corrupted government. You have destroyed my family. And hundreds of families,” Fernandez yelled before declaring his unique take on Constitutional rights.

“I am the people! And the time that you sell the house, my constitution gives me the right to shoot every one of you,” he concluded, pointing at the dais. “Shoot ’em.”

As a result of the threat, he was promptly handcuffed and escorted out of room.

“Will you please remove him completely from the building, and follow-up on that?” Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa said to the officers rushing him out.

Undeterred, Fernandez continued on his tirade, in the hallway, screaming, “Enough is enough! This is America!”

In addition to being booted, Fernandez now faces 13 counts of threatening to harm a public servant – one for each commissioner and the Mayor – as well as a disorderly conduct charge.

He is currently being held on $97,500. The house where he is living is still slated for sale in the foreclosure auction.

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