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No Burger Eating During a Crisis: Conservatives Attack Obama for Having Lunch on Day of Malaysia Airline Crash

Conservatives have their knickers in a knot all because President Barack Obama chose to continue on with a planned stop at a BBQ place for lunch in Delaware yesterday, despite the fact news had already broke that the Malaysia Airlines flight was downed.

“Obama literally out to lunch during Ukraine downed passenger plane crisis,” the right-wing rag Breitbart screamed, suggesting the commander-in-chief had abandoned his post for this own selfish burger needs and decided to do nothing to protect America’s interests and people.

In fact, Obama had already been on the phone with Vladimir Putin earlier in the morning. With details remaining sketchy, he then went on to Delaware for a planned speech where he only made a short reference to Malaysian airliner.

“It looks like it may be a terrible tragedy,” he said. “I’ve directed my national security team to stay in close contact with the Ukrainian government. The United States will offer any assistance we can to help determine what happened and why.”

He also spoke to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to offer his assistance from Air Force 1, as well as the national leaders of Malaysia and the Netherlands to offer the U.S.’s condolences as well as support.

One thing he did not do, however, was immediately place blame at anyone’s feet, something that displeased some conservatives who had already decided it was Russia despite the fact evidence had not yet started trickling in.

Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., told Fox News the weaponry used to down the plane was consistent with Russian technology although he could not tell for sure “which jerk” in the region shot it down, although he seemed pretty sure the jerk must have been Russian.

John McCain said that there would be hell to pay if in fact it was the Russians, something Fox News managed to run over and over again as part of their anti-Russian speculation that ran all day that at feverish pitch.

Then, Fox News business correspondent went nuts when a Fox guest said it was unwise to speculate on who is to blame so early in the game and start World War III in the process, when little was actually known about what happened.

In response, Fox Newsman Charlie Gasparino shouted, ““You’re so godd*mn dumb….I can’t believe I’m hearing this!”

He then outlined why it must be the aggressive Russians after all. “I’m sorry, but think about it: You have one of the most aggressive nations on earth invading another country and we’re supposed to say that it’s maybe someone else’s fault he has his troops in there?”

Even with all that blaming and early speculation, the conservatives also likely had some time for lunch too. It is unknown if they also had burgers.

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  • diablodejalisco

    republicans are really itching for world war lll.

    • Christine Schultz Spencer

      That’s because their bungling might look like they’re working.

    • Melody M. Tunnell

      something else they would like to blame on President Obama. Bush started two wars now they’re itching for our President to start one.

  • Goforride

    Appearently, Mr. Breitbart has never heard of “the telephone” and “the wireless”.

    I can’t wait to look up and savor his comments about The W’s,deer-in-headlights 9/11 grade school reading class crisis management technique.

  • EssEffArr

    Dang! A Black man can’t even have a ‘sammich’!

    On another note, I bet if something tragic happened to Obama, those fools would not only have lunch, they would celebrate.

  • Darrell West

    The crisis in another country is not our problem American have more problem to worry about

  • Jean Phillips-Beagle

    They are really reaching. What a crisis, having lunch. Did they have lunch?

  • Tim Ovitt

    I guess they think he should go to the border and have a look see

  • Joe Barron

    Does Nat Hentoff know about this? Clearly more grounds for impeachment.

  • diablodejalisco

    republicans are dangerous for the country. they are just itching for another war. lots of money to be made in war.

  • Bert Yturralde

    Just something else for the media to get ahold of and make a big deal about Obama eating lunch. Come on people get a life. How was your lunch??

  • Justine

    Unlike GW II who during 9/11 attack he sat in a classroom filled with children and used them as HUMAN SHIELDS!!!!!

  • Read More

    I guess Obama should have snuck off to eat somewhere in private, huh? Cause after all, he can’t be openly hungry when there is a crisis.

  • Ron Brown

    I know that everything that the president of the United States does is wrong, and possibly impeachable, in the eyes of the Tea Party, but since when is the president not allowed to have lunch?

  • Tiger

    Somebody call a psychiatrist! These fools need serious help.. I am so tired of them