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Whiny Murder Suspect Clogs Up Courts With Complaint Against Jail for Small Towels and Bad Food

A 21-year-old murder suspect has apparently confused his cell for a hotel room. Finding his stay inadequate in the county jail, he has filed a complaint about his accommodations, ranging from the diversity of the dinner menu to the skimpy towels provided to those behind bars.

Among the points Adam Landerman makes in his complaint about the zero star rated Will County Adult Detention Facility- located in Joliet, Illinois – are concerns that the towels are too small, the temperature is not properly controlled in his cell block, there aren’t enough choices in the menu and the items in the commissary are overpriced.

He also whined that breakfast, which is not available after 6:30 am, ends too early and his lunch starts too soon.

While some of his complaints, such as insisting rules are not fairly enforced, may in fact be valid, it does not help that this son of a police officer and middle class America manages to come off sounding like an entitled spoiled brat in his brief, especially when you realize the gravity of the crimes that got him there in the first place.

While many of his peers were returning to their college campuses after winter break in January 2013, Landerman and three other young people robbed and strangled two  22-year-olds.

Then, still surrounded by the evidence of their grisly slayings, Landerman and other other killers partied next to the dead bodies until police arrived at the scene and nabbed them in the act.

Since then, Landerman has been locked up on the double murder charges in the Will County Adult Detention Facility, where he has used the education he wasted to study the minute details of the Illinois administrative code regarding county jail standards.

While the Sheriff’s office said they have not seen the complaint, which will be handled by the state’s attorney, they claim that inmates should not expect the five star treatment while locked up.

“We’re not a hotel; we’re a jail,” Will County Sheriff’s Deputy Chief Ken Kaupas said, adding, “We treat all of our in-custodies in a fair way.”

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