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‘We Love Immigrants, We’re Not Racists’: Group Waves Flags at Overpasses Demanding Immigrants Go Home

The anti-immigrant crowd has a new tactic – hanging out at overpasses and waving flags.

On Friday, protesters in Rockwell, Texas stood on an overpass to shout out their anti-immigration message.

“We are out here in the attempt to wake America up,” Michelle Roisum told the local media holding a sign reading ‘Secure Our Border.’

In another part of North Texas, a similar scene took place, as both protesters and counter-protesters gathered at an overpass in Arlington to voice their views on the influx of migrant kids from Central America.

The dual events – held during the late afternoon and evening hours – were part of an Overpasses for America action meant to show opposition to current immigration laws and the supposedly ‘wide-open’ border between the U.S and Mexico.

Roisum explained she chose to spend her Friday night shouting at motorists because even though the kids coming into the country were in dire straits, America should not even consider extending a helping hand.

“It’s a sad state of affairs for those kids, but it’s not our job to take care of them,” Roisum said. “They need to be sent back to the countries they came from.”

Event organizer Frank Calli also blamed the Obama administration for luring the kids into the country.

“We are drawing those poor children here promising them something, so that’s wrong,” he said.

At a similar event held across the country in Rochester, NY on Saturday, another protester said that he joined in the flag-waving because America needs to build stronger barriers between us and them.

“It shouldn’t cost too much money to build a secure barrier that can stop people from coming into the country. It doesn’t appear as if anybody in the government is doing anything to stop this. It’s almost like they are encouraging it,” said Lance Nelson.

The group insisted, however, that their action was not at all inspired by racist hate.

“We’re not racist, we love our immigrants from all over the world,” the group demanded, before warning the influx of migrant kids on their Facebook page, “Let me fill you in.. America, nor life owes you anything at all…Your next breath, your next heartbeat is a gift, and you should cherish it.”


Photo Credit: KHOU

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