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Right-Wing Whine: No One Will Come to Our Anti-Immigrant Rallies, Because The Liberal Media Keeps Calling Us Racist

Recent anti-immigrant rallies such as the Overpasses for America have had only spotty attendance. Now, it seems that the real reason that all those ‘patriotic’ folk are refusing to show is not because of the extremist talk associated with the events, but because the liberal media keeps calling the attendees racists.

“Getting people to show up at physical events has been the most difficult thing on the illegal immigration issue because you’re going to have some liberal at the local paper trying to cost you your job and your community standing by defaming you,” anti-immigrant activist William Gheen whined on Ernest Istook’s radio show on Monday.

Yet, when the media calls out people as racist, according to Gheen, what they are really doing is using a ‘code word’ to try to control conservatives Planet of the Apes style.

“They are doing this because it’s a control word, it’s a command word, it’s like in the Planet of the Apes movie, it’s like, ‘bow your head.’ Somebody comes out and says, ‘racist,’ most Americans will bow their head and kneel immediately, otherwise they risk complete financial and political ruin. It doesn’t matter if you are a racist or not, they will just stick it in the paper and then there you go,” he said, apparently thinking liberals have some serious mind control powers.

Once the word ‘racist’ is out there, he further explained,  minorities think it is an excuse to be violent.

“The other thing about this, if they [the liberal media] convince minorities or groups of minorities that you’re a racist, you’re in danger of physical assault or harm. It doesn’t matter whether it is true or not. If somebody hangs a hood over your head and gags you and ties you to a light pole in a large city’s minority neighborhood, you’re probably going to get beat up, shot or stabbed. And so there is the threat of implied violence against you or your family members or your children in school if they just lie about you,” he said.

As a result, he concluded, it is because of the liberal media’s use of the ‘r’ word that most would-be anti-immigrant protesters simply decide to stay home.

Photo Credit: Overpasses for America (Facebook)


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