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Let Them Die! Fox News Furious 911 Operators Offer Help in Spanish to Help Border Crossers in Peril

Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy is hopping mad that 911 operators offered help – in Spanish – to help save a man’s life.

“They stumbled across the border illegally and now they need your help!” Fox News host Steve Doocy complained on Wednesday’s broadcast, pointing to a 911 call in Brooks County, Texas, where a Spanish-speaking man near the border asked for assistance for his cousin who he said was “turning purple.”

Doocy was furious that public resources were being used to help the human being in risk of dying, especially when they asked for help in Spanish and were likely trying to enter the country without permission.

“A small Texas town forced to answer 911 from stranded illegals in Spanish!” Doocy exclaimed, suggesting that they should just leave the man there to die and save resources for  English-speaking, U.S. citizens instead.

“Not only are they understaffed and lacking resources, now they’ve got to deal with illegal immigrants who have no business being here,” co-host Brian Kilmeade chimed in, agreeing that the man’s life was not worth the resources it would  cost to get him help.

Brooks County Chief Deputy Urbino “Benny” Martinez then said that his emergency squad was there to respond to calls for help from all persons in need, not just those with the right immigration status or who could speak English.

“So, those calls you have to respond to, even though for the most part when you get there, you realize, they’re not an American citizen?” the Fox team asked.

Martinez, remaining calm, responded, “That’s correct, but they’re on U.S. soil, and due process comes into play, and that’s the way we’re taking them as.”

The Chief Deputy also stressed that it was time for both sides of the political debate on border policies – right and left alike – to drop their grandstanding and actually have a dialogue to solve the current crisis that is causing a budget crunch for his small, border town.

Photo Credit: Steve Doocy (Public Domain)


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  • twall10107

    How does this Chief Deputy conclude that “both parties” are “grandstanding”? Is it a condition of his Texanly employment that he must fawn on Republicans, and must pretend he sees a moral equivalence between racism and anti-racism?
    Yes, as a matter of fact, such hypocrisy IS a Texanly mandate. The man knows he’s pandering and he knows the racists will have his job if he doesn’t suck up to them. Meanwhile, he’s trying to be human, God bless him.

  • Dale Mulkey

    Just another reason traitor republicans should be arrested and used in public executions

  • diablodejalisco

    i would bet he calls himself a good christian too. he a hypocrit and thats about it.

  • Bg Mcqueen

    what a sad excuse for a humjan being

  • Bg Mcqueen

    well, maybe not a humjan being, but certainly a sad excuse for a human being

  • Truthforme

    There is Karma, wishing for someone’s death is not wise!