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Erik Rush Blames Obama for Shooting Down Malaysian Flight 17

Right-wing nutter and chronic Obama-blamer Erik Rush is at it again. This time around he has concocted a convoluted conspiracy theory that blames the Obama White House for the shooting of the downed Malaysian flight that cost nearly 300 souls their lives.

According to Rush, Russia and Obama had plenty of reasons to work together to kill innocent civilians headed for holidays and an AIDS research conference.

“The fact is that Washington and Kiev would have had quite a bit to gain politically in the intentional downing of this jet and the implication of pro-Russian militias,” he said in a recent post on WorldNetDaily.

He added that, in fact, Obama’s involvement made perfect sense when you examined the real ‘evidence’ and is “at least as viable” as any explanation provided by the Obama administration.

“With the world chafing at the cruel and criminal acts of Russia’s proxies in Ukraine, it would be far easier for the West to justify an escalation of the diplomatic and economic offensive against Russia,” he continued. “It would also not be the first time Ukrainian forces had employed ‘false flag’ attacks to secure their political objectives, as they did during the street-fighting phase of their civil war and in the intimidation of Ukrainian Jews. ”

He then reasoned that even if his far-flung theory proves to be wrong, the fact that he could even suggest it is proof enough that Obama’s administration is up to no good.

“Even if this tragedy was an intentional act and the brainchild of parties within the Ukrainian government, apart from the direct involvement of Washington, the fact that the Obama administration might enthusiastically advance a false narrative in a case like this would speak for itself,” Rush said.

By the way, Rush also blamed Obama for the disappearance of the last Malaysian flight, which he claimed was part of an Obama ‘jihad’ aimed against the Chinese. The regular Fox commentator has also suggested a military coup to get Obama out of office and even blamed Obama when a racist shot 3 at a Jewish Community Center.

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