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Anti-Immigrant Protesters Caught on Tape Talking Obama’s Secret Gay Love, Jihad and Other Craziness

A filmmaker swears that the interviews he filmed at a Texas anti-immigration rally are the real deal. For the sake of America let’s hope he is pulling everyones’ legs.

Answering the question of why they came to the anti-immigration rally, the people in the disturbing video go off on a number of conspiratorial, wacky and downright racist tirades, all in an attempt to explain why immigrants should go back home.

In the obligatory anti-Obama rant, one woman called the current White House occupant a big old bully.

“I think that our president needs to obey the laws of the lands. He needs to secure the border. He’s a bully, and if we don’t push back, he’s not going to stop till he kills and destroys the America we love,” she said, no doubt in close proximity to a flag to wave.

Another man explained how the Latino community was out to destroy the African-American community and America.

“The immigrants is taking over, they’re trying to turn us into a third-world country,” he said.  “And, quiet as it is kept, these Latinos is the Nazis for the blacks. But the blacks won’t talk about it…They tried to kill me in February, but I’m not a gang member.”

In case your wondering, he also hates Obama, but that is because the Commander-in-Chief keeps has a secret gay love and a penchant for murder.

“Look up Larry St. Clair, he says he’s Obama’s boyfriend … on the Internet. Larry St. Clair, Obama done killed four of his boyfriends — the momma was on TV crying,” he said, referring to a convicted felon who self-published a conspiratorial book claiming to be a past Obama love.

Another woman pointed out that she was there to somehow prevent a ‘jihad.’

“I don’t want jihad in my country. They need to keep that stuff in their own land,” she said, pointing out that the immigrants are not all from Central American or as innocent as we think (and she knows about a prayer rug at the border to prove it).

For his part, Omar Afra, of the Free Houson Press (FHP), said that his video was not meant to be intentionally funny (although it is), insisting that while he egged the protesters on,  the video “is not a parody, in the sense that the answers given by people were genuine honest answers and that is what they genuinely believe.”

His story seems to be backed up by at least one commenter, who said that he declined to be filmed because of Afra’s obvious bias.

“Seriously? This video is exactly why I declined your offer to interview,” the angry protester wrote. “FPH took advantage of legitimately concerned citizens’ frustration using bait and switch questioning, out of context commentary and deceptive video production to make the protesters seem like ignorant, uninformed racists.”

The protester, identified as ‘ox_hed’ then explained in the uncensored comment section why the protesters are really just fighting for America and affordable bread.

“What part of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION do you not understand? Can we as Americans just cross a border and expect to stay in that country without the proper credentials? Absolutely not. Illegal immigration will indeed wreck an already broken system and only add to an out-of-control welfare state in this country,” ‘ox_hed’ ranted.  “Do any of you like paying $7 for a loaf of bread? That is where we are heading and adding more indigents to the system is not the answer to progress.”

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