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Scary or Just Sick Hate? Site Hails ‘Global Wave of Anti-Jewish Protests’, Claims There Will Soon Be No Safe Place for Jews

A hate site is declaring a ‘global wave of anti-Jewish’ protests are behind a rash of swastikas found on Jewish buildings in Miami and Rome.

Daily Slave – which gets its cues from uber-extremist Stormfront –  a White Nationalist site once frequented by Jewish Community Center killer Frazier Glenn Cross –  mocked the Jewish community today for crying foul after being targeted by acts of hate.

“The global wave of anti-Jew protests continues. Jews in Miami are shocked that their local synagogue was painted with swastikas.  All they can do is cry and say how disturbing it is because they seem incapable of rationalizing why people hate them,” the anti-Jewish site declared.

The hatemongers also gloated that anti-Jewish sentiment would soon overtake the world.

“If this continues, there will soon be very few places on the planet that are safe for Jews,” the vile group said.

The swastikas appeared on the pillars of a Miami synagogue in the early hours of Monday morning.

“This is absolutely a desecration of something holy. It’s a disgusting thing to see,” said Michael Katz, a synagogue attendee.

Yona Lunger said she had to look twice to realize that such a horrid symbol would be in her own community. “I back up again, looked again and I said ‘Wow, it’s a swastika’…It’s very disturbing, very disturbing.”

Swastikas and anti-Jewish posters also appeared recently in Rome, prompting the haters to praise the “thoughtful patriotic individuals” who “put up anti-Jew posters and painted swastikas in the Jewish quarter of the city.”.

Unfortunately, while certainly not a cause for celebration, anti-Jewish sentiment, as expressed by the hate site, actually is on the rise in both Europe and America.

Advocacy groups have warned that  anti-Jewish hate is once again becoming mainstream.

Germany – still stinging from Nazism’s ugly scars – is also concerned enough that they have printed the following  headlines in their major newspapers: “Never Again Hatred Towards Jews!” and “Stop the Hate.”

For the Miami Jewish community, though, even one instance of hate is too much especially when the act is cause for some internet thug’s misguided celebration.

“Honestly, it makes you question if you are safe walking around in your yarmulke,” said Joshua Rosenberg, referring to the skull cap worn by religious Jewish men. “How safe are you here in America?”


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