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Oops! Turns Out Michele Bachmann Did Not Advocate ‘Americanization Facilities’ for Immigrant Kids

Michele Bachmann’s rants are so ridiculous it is often hard to tell fact from fiction. So when a rumor spread through the internet that Michele Bachmann was planning internment camps for immigrant kids, people bought it.

The trouble is, unlike most bat-crazy things the Minnesota Republican actually says, this one was not true.

The rumor seems to have started at KCTV 7 who reported the story as fact – not parody, even though the original source of the story was satirical site The National Report.

The trouble is, as our own Joshua Patton duly pointed out on Latest,  KCTV 7 is not a real news site either, since it only has a few actual stories up (one being the Bachmann piece), and the actual news station in the Kansas City area is called a suspiciously similar KCTV 5. They also plagiarized the story wholesale from the original, parody source.

Still, the Bachmann rumor started to pick up steam in both conservative and liberal outlets, duping the Daily Kos, Crooks and Liars and even a web forum devoted to Fox Newsman Sean Hannity.

While it is a lesson in source-checking for sure, it easy to see why it is a believable Bachmann quote, considering it uses all her favorite ideas -All things ‘American’, privatization and making people work to earn their keep.

It is also twinged by just enough crazy that it may have been a real Bachmann plan.

For the record, here is what Bachmann did NOT say:

“I’m calling on all of us, Obama and Congress and everyone, to chip in and build special new facilities… `Americanization’ facilities, if you will. And we’d send these kids to these facilities, in Arizona and Texas and wherever else. And we’d get private sector business leaders to locate to those facilities and give these children low-risk jobs to do. And they’d learn about the American way of life, earn their keep, and everyone wins in the end.”

Despite NOT saying it, the plan also got some conservative love from those who thought it was a great idea.

“Her idea isn’t completely off base. I think many of our national kids could do with spending time in such a facility…growing their own food, getting an education, learning useful skills etc,” wrote a commenter named Sultry.  “I’m not thinking sweatshop or breaking up rocks. Too many of our kids today don’t know the value of earning..everything is given to them.”

Another offered glowing praise for the plan that turned out to be a parody.

“I think she’s brilliant. Work camps will sure discourage other illegals from sneaking into the US. I think she’s on the right track,” another wrote, seemingly thinking labor camps for small children escaping a war-torn country is a great idea (even if it was meant as a joke).

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