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Huh? Alabama Politicians Declare God Gave Us Coal, So Obama’s EPA Has No Right to Regulate It

Like many coal-mining states, Alabama is worried that EPA regulations on the coal industry will cost jobs and hurt the economy of the struggling state. Yet, instead of arguing on the merits of keeping good paying jobs or coming up with any facts on their own, Alabama officials have chosen another tack, they are arguing you can’t regulate something that is a gift from God.

“Who has the right to take what God’s given a state?” Commissioner-elect Chip Beeker said, calling the EPA regulations unfair.

Of course, Beeker should have probably thought that through a little bit better since he essentially opened up an entire can of worms where it was okay, according to the state,  to refuse to abide by any regulations if it involved a gift from God (like your body, your land, your livestock or even your womb.)

Yet, as PSC President Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh made clear, the point of the day was not to argue reasoned facts (climate change and environmental issues weren’t even on the menu) but to make it clear when it came to coal, God was clearly on the side of Alabama and not Obama’s EPA.

“We will not stand for what they are doing to our way of life in Alabama,” said Twinkle Cavanaugh. “We will take our fight to the EPA. I hope all the citizens of Alabama will be in prayer that the right thing will be done.”

Then, without any sense of irony of all, Republican National Committeeman Paul Reynolds chimed in to actually blame Obama and his administration for getting off-base and daring to talk about facts and the environment instead of turning a public government press conference on the EPA  into a shout out to God.

“The Obama administration should be concerned about a potential world at war instead of something dumb, like a war on coal,” the GOPer said. “What we’re dealing with is government run amok.”

Photo Credit: Screenshot/Right Wing Watch

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