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Huh? Erik Rush Says Obama Hates Christians Because His Real Daddy is Malcolm X

Erik Rush really, really does not like Obama. In fact, he likes to blame the Commander-in-Chief for nearly everything that happens in the world, from the downed Malaysian flight to the shooting of three people by a White Supremacist outside a Jewish Community Center this year.

Now, Rush says that Obama – who is widely accused of being a Christian pretender and secret Muslim- happens to be a Christian hater too.

His reason, however, is just plain bizarre. According to Rush, Obama hates Christians because his real daddy is Malcolm X.

“Some have speculated that Obama’s real father may have been the slain black civil rights leader Malcolm X, who embraced Sunni Islam after his pilgrimage to Mecca in 1964 and being expelled from the Nation of Islam,” he wrote in an WND rant, pointing out that one former CIA operative claims to have proof of this fact.

While admitting he did not have absolute proof of his parentage theory, Rush said that if Obama is Malcolm X’s kid, it would make a whole lot of sense.

“All things considered, a Malcolm X paternity certainly would explain the president having also embraced Sunni Islam, which he is dedicatedly working to advance,” Rush continued. “It might also explain his poorly concealed anti-Christian bias, as well as his administration’s appalling treatment of Israel.”

He added that Obama’s Malcolm X DNA would also explain why he continues to refuse to help and even persecute Christians at home and abroad.

“Considering the president’s Islamist and Marxist proclivities and the philosophical bent of his closest collaborators, it ought not be too much of a surprise that Obama’s sympathy index for these persecuted Christians is in the negative digits,” Rush said.  “Still, his lack of inclination to even pretend that these atrocities are unacceptable not only adds insult to injury, but indicates something more than a mere lack of sympathy.”

In fact, according to Rush, Obama is best seen as a Muslim interloper – not a Christian at all – and one who – Malcolm X’s kid or not – shows “derision and perhaps even hatred of Christians” in his White House, making him enemy number one to all those who claim Rush’s ‘true’ Christian faith.

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  • Smooth

    Why are you giving this “House Negro” the time of day?

    • Thomas W. Yale

      To put a lid on crazy. The more crazy is publicized, the sooner we’ll have a nation of reasonable, critical thinkers.

  • Annie Kemps

    another republican on crack?

  • Mary Rodgers

    I don’t know this as a fact, but I believe Erik Rush is the black, love child of Rush Limbaugh. When baby Erik was born his mother gave him Limbaugh’s first name as his last. I say again, I don’t know this is true, but it would explain his hatred of this president.

  • don

    Rush is a jackass

  • Eady Trice Morgan

    What!!!! Is it remotely possible to be any more crazy than this guy.

  • Tonya Marie Venson-Kemp


  • Desa Collins

    Nah, our president does not hate “Christians” – he is just tired of hearing all the crazies out there, like Rush.

  • mo


  • Jim Peterson

    wow and then we wonder why the right is so mess up they listen to people like orielly and rush limbaugh and hannity they are all way out there and out of touch with reality

  • Willa Thomas

    Soooo if Malcolm X is Barack Obama’s real father then that blows the non-US citizen theory. I wish theyd just pick a damn conspiracy and stick with. All this hopping around is getting on my nerves.

  • Debbie Soares

    Rush is just sour that the Black President gets more attention than he does. As for malcolm X, he was in New York at the end for 1960, and as far as I can tell, Dunham was in Hawaii at time of conception. So he can stick his stupid theories, where the sun don’t shine. He must be getting big bucks – a black man trying to destroy another black man.