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‘I’m Not Racist’: Dixie-Singing GOP Candidate Offers Bizarre Explanation of Why He is Is Not a Hater

Michael Peroutka was caught on tape in 2012 replacing the  national anthem with ‘Dixie’ at a 2012 League of the South national secession conference in Wallsboro, Alabama.

When the tape surfaced just days ago, many denouced Peroutka as a racist for his association with the dubious pro-Confederate group.

Now, the Maryland Republican nominee for Anne Arundel County Council has tried to back away from the charges that he is involved in a racist organization by holding a bizarre press conference where he defended his actions by outing the ‘real’ racists and calling in some allies to testify on his behalf.

Peroutka started off his tirade  by blaming liberals from trying to distract from the ‘real issues’ by playing the race card, something he said he and his fellow Republicans don’t appreciate.

“Republican leadership here in Maryland has rightly said that this race card sideshow is a distraction from the real issues,” Peroutka said. “But they make the mistake, however, in attempting to kowtow to liberals and Democrats that created that distraction.”

He then said, if you want to find the people that are causing the real trouble, you should look at the SPLC, which is so evil it caused a shooting last year against an anti-LGBT group.

“You see, he had consulted [the SPLC’s] map of ‘hate groups,’ quote-unquote,” Peroutka argued. “Providentially, this act of anti-Christian hate was stopped by a security guard. But it points out the dangers of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has labeled about 1,000 groups across the country as, quote-unquote, ‘hate groups,’ smearing together obvious hate groups such as neo-Nazis and the Klan with groups where the SPLC simply doesn’t like their politics.”

Of course, even the SPLC pales in comparison to the race-hate of Al Sharpton, which the embattled candidate said even got his own MSNBC show by stirring up race trouble.

“They can start race riots, or defend young men who brutally rape a Black woman,” Peroutka ranted, taking aim at Sharpton and the President all in one swing. “And they are rewarded with their own MSNBC show, as long as they remain loyal to the Democratic party and Barack Obama.”

To top off his far-reaching and hate-peppered rant, Peroutka brought in two fellow Republicans – who happen to be black – to testify on his behalf to the press.

“I haven’t seen anything that would prove he’s any sort of racist whatsoever,” Eric Knowles – who obviously had not listened to a word Peroutka just said – claimed in a stilted and suspiciously scripted-sounding speech. “He’s been nothing but welcoming with open arms to everyone I’ve seen of any sort of background, color, creed whatsoever.”

Somewhere in the wreck of a press conference, by the way, Peroutka also did manage to talk about his affiliation with the League of the South, the supposed topic of the day. He did not apologize for belonging to the racist-twinged group, though. Instead he stood by it, calling it  “a Christian, free market group.”


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