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Oh Really? Ken Ham Explains Why It Makes ‘Perfect Sense’ to Defund NASA to Build More Creation Museums

Creationist Ken Ham thinks Americans have no business trying to explore space. That is because, according to him, even if aliens do exist they can’t have eternal salvation anyhow, so they are hardly worth America’s time.

After getting criticism for calling for NASA to be defunded because alien evangelism would be serve no point, though, Ham appeared on a Creationist show this week to explain why he was right to bash NASA’s space exploration all along.

“Understanding the Gospel that God’s son became a man, became a descendant of Adam, became the God-man (and) remains the God-man – our savior – and that only humans can be saved, so obviously Jesus didn’t become a God-Klingon, he became a God-man,” Ham explained on Comfort Zone.

He then said he did not really call for NASA to be defunded, but rather he said NASA is colossal waste of money that is trying to prove evolution by finding alien life.

“One of the big thrusts in the space program is to look for life in outer space, look for alien life, and of course, you know, they believe that, because they think that they came about as a product of naturalistic evolution,” Ham continued.

He also said that if the government and the American people would just embrace his views of the Lord and the Bible, they would understand the folly of their quest for outer space.

“Because of their rejection of biblical authority, they’re certainly wasting millions of dollars,” Ham told the Comfort Zone hosts. “Think of what we could do with the millions of dollars that they’re wasting looking for life in outer space.”

Chiming in, co-host Emeal Zwayne suggested that the money could be better spent supporting Creationist causes, like the life-size Noah’s Ark planned for Kentucky.

“Yeah, we could build one in California, we could build a Creation Museum in California,” Ham replied. “We could build Creation Museums around the world. Certainly, NASA is wasting a lot of money looking for alien life in outer space, and it’s really because of evolution. Look how evolution is detrimental to our progress – it’s wasting a lot of money.”

Photo Credit: The Courier-Journal

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