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Right-Wing Red Alert: ‘Christians in America Will Soon Be Arrested or Maybe Even Killed!’

End Times radio host Rick Wiles is famous for his doomsday prophecies predicting war, destruction and financial ruin. Now he wants Christians to prepare for the fact that in the not so distant future they may be arrested – right here in America – for standing by their Christian faith.

According to Wiles, while things may seem alright for the majority religion in the nation that holds the vast majority of the Congressional seats, soon the war against Christians being waged in the shadows will be clear.

“The persecution against Christians in America has started. It won’t go away anytime soon. In fact, it will only worsen in the months and years to come,” he told his viewers this week in audio captured by Right Wing Watch. “Any man or woman who dares to stand up against this tyranny is in danger of being smeared, arrested or possibly killed. Accusations of tax evasion and other crimes will be leveled against Christian leaders who refuse to shut up.”

He also explained just how the government planned to trap Christians and make them look like they are the ones up to no good.

“One of the most effective methods to deal with troublemakers is to set up that person so that he or she appears to be involved in a scandal,” he said. “And with today’s technology, it is very easy to create images that look real. And you can hack into a computer and plant criminal evidence.”

In case you had any doubt, the tyrant weaving this web of ill-will and cyber-trapping towards Christians is, of course, Barack Obama.

In April, Wiles made it clear the Commander-in-Chief was to blame when he called on godly Christians and the U.S. military to cause his ouster.

“His regime is deliberately ripping the country apart and if the US Military doesn’t take action soon to arrest Barack Obama and remove him and his regime from the White House, there will be no country left for the military to defend,” Wiles said, advocating for a military coup of the Oval Office.

“We are on the edge of collapse as a nation. Jesus Christ is America’s only hope,” he continued, asking his audience to pray, “that Almighty God delivers us from this very real tyranny that seeks to persecute the saints of God.”

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