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‘My Parents Open Carry’: Gun Activists Just Published a Children’s Book

The founders of Open Carry Michigan were concerned kids might not feel comfortable with their parents carrying around weapons when they went grocery shopping. So they created a book just for them.

‘My Parents Open Carry‘ was written by authors Brian Jeffs and Nathan Nephew, because they “looked for pro-gun children’s books and couldn’t find any.”

They also said that they wanted to educate kids on their Constitutional rights and help bring Open Carry into the mainstream.

“Our goal was to provide a wholesome family book that reflects the views of the majority of the American people, i.e., that self-defense is a basic natural right and that firearms provide the most efficient means for that defense,” the authors explained on the website promoting the book.

In the tale, Brenna, a 13-year old girl (depicted, not surprisingly, as a the very Aryan looking blonde and blue eyed teen), goes along with her family on a day of shopping and fun, all while her parents tote their guns along.

In an interview with Armed American Radio, author Nephew also said while the book will hopefully put kids at ease, he hopes that the parents and neighbors will realize that kids and guns can mix.

“Most kids aren’t scared of a gun,” he said,“that’s another good point this book tries to make.”

Apparently the book has gotten rave reviews among gun lovers.

“Wow we have two geniuses…The book by Jeffs and Nephew makes me proud…”   Open Carry supporter J. Hood said of the book, adding, it is “a wholesome children’s book on the joys of having parents carrying guns openly.”

John Roshek, Founder of the Citizens League for Self-Defense exclaimed, “Loved it, I ordered a copy for our school’s library.”

Elizabeth Law, a children’s and young adult editor and publisher, however, was not as impressed.

Taking to social media to say that the book left her speechless, she stressed that in addition to the bizarre subject matter and questionable art on the cover, the authors failed to realize a fundamental aspect of children’s publishing.

“I still don’t think a pic book should feature a 13 yr old protagonist,” she tweeted.” Wrong mix of age group and genre!”

Liberaland also thought the book authors should have reconsidered, calling the fact the dad was name Richard Strong aka Dick Strong was giggle-worthy and not for the right reasons.

Photo Credit: My Parents Open Carry/Cover Art

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