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Biblical Voting Guides? Ted Cruz’s Dad Has a New Plan to Guide Voters to Conservative Candidates

Ted Cruz’s father is on a mission to mix politics with religion. Regularly speaking to pastors and encouraging them to pepper their sermons with shout-outs to the Republican cause, Rafael Cruz has toured the country to promote his Bible-backed views on voting and the conservative agenda.

Now, the elder Cruz has stepped his rhetoric up even further by encouraging pastors to register people to vote on Sunday mornings.

“We have an unprecedented opportunity to do that right now in these next elections,” Cruz said in Texas last week at a Republican gathering. “But we cannot do that if we sit at home. I want to encourage of all of you, I want to repeat what I said to the pastors this month, every church in America needs to have a voter registration table in the lobby.”

He also added that it is not enough to encourage people to vote, pastors need to tell them how to vote both in their sermons and with a guide people take all the way to the polls.

Accusing pastors of using their Sunday sermons to talk about other Bible-based things that does not help promote his Republican cause, Cruz added that church leaders need to be the “salt and light” of the world and start talking more about keeping teenagers from having sex, the sanctity of marriage and of course social issues close to the upcoming elections.

He also called on ministers to make sure “everybody in every congregation has voter’s guides that share clearly how candidates of both parties are voting on biblical issues.”

To top off his sermon to the conservative choir, he stressed that it was the duty of patriotic American pastors to take back the government from the left and rebuild it in a more conservative, God-loving way.

“When government ceases to work towards those ends it is our right, and it is I believe our duty, to remove that government and replace it with another government,” Cruz said, citing the Declaration of Independence as proof that pastors are only doing the ‘right’ thing when they turn their houses of worship into a bully pulpit for the conservative cause.

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