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Sarah Palin Using New TV Channel to Pick Fight with Former Pro Wrestler and Governor Jesse Ventura

Sarah Palin wasted no time on her new self-named internet channel before deciding to pick a fight with one of the biggest past Governors around – former pro wrestler and one-time Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura.

Angry that Ventura continued to pursue a defamation lawsuit against Chris Kyle – a former Navy SEAL who has since been murdered – Palin took to her virtual airwaves to taunt Ventura for continuing with the lawsuit even after Kyle died.

“Hey tough guy, Jesse Ventura, your feelings were hurt because you perceived your reputation was besmirched by words in a book? So you turn around and sue, expecting $2 million from a military widow and her fatherless children? Yeah, like that is going to help your reputation, jackass,” Palin said, echoing the sour grapes expressed by fellow veterans and gun lovers with the suit.

She then continued by claiming that Ventura had done much more harm than good by making a widow pay-up.

“His widow and young children will forever feel a lot more ‘hurt’ than you will, Jesse, after a sad verdict in your ridiculous lawsuit against Chris. You went after the bereaved family, whining that you, a public figure, were defamed in Chris’s book, ‘American Sniper,’ even though Chris never wrote your name in the book,” she continued, claiming that military veterans have her back.

“Since when are public figures immune from hearing something we don’t like, anyway? Chris always stood up for every American. Now we’re standing up for him.”

For once, Palin – although still decidedly over-the-top – may not be completely off-base. While the book that defamed Ventura has earned in excess of $3 million and landed a book deal, Ventura has been roundly criticized by both liberals and conservatives alike for claiming a verdict against estate (the actual verdict is closer to $1.4 million than $3 million since $500,00 will be paid by the book’s publishers).

Even Ventura admitted that the decision to seek judgement will cost him friends, especially among fellow SEALS.

“I can’t go to UDT-SEAL reunions anymore because that was the place I always felt safe, and who will be next to throw me under the bus?” Ventura said last Tuesday in an interview with the Star-Tribune. “I’d have to spend my time looking over my shoulder.”

Still, Ventura defended his actions saying he had the right to sue because Kyle all-out lied about knocking him out in his book.

“I am 6 feet 4, I weighed 255 pounds and I’ve wrestled Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant, and this guy is going to knock me down with one punch and [leave] no mark on me whatsoever?” Ventura pointed out, stressing Kyle’s story was clearly a lie.

Palin countered that Kyle – whose book has come under increased scrutiny – was no liar, but a patriot whose name should be honored, not dragged through the mud.

“Chris Kyle was a true American patriot — the soldier who stood up for his country and saved so many lives by doing the job his Commander-in-Chief gave him, taking out the bad guys,” she said, as usual laying on the red, white and blue thick in defense of her  latest attention-grabbing latest cause.

Photo Credit: Fort Worth Telegraph (Chris Kyle)

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