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DREAMer: You Can’t Just Run Away from the Immigration Issue, Rand Paul!

During a fundraiser on Wednesday, DREAMer’s Erika Andiola and Cesar Vargas confronted  Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Rep. Steve King (R-IA).

King stuck around to chat with the duo and managed to bungle the conversation, grabbing Erika’s wrist and telling the American-educated immigrant.  “Stop a minute…You’re very good at English. You know what I’m saying.” before asking if she was a drug trafficker. (For the record, she told him she was not).

Paul on the other hand, managed to make a hasty exit, avoiding – at least for a moment – looking those he hopes to deport straight in the eye and engaging them as human beings.

Now, Andiola has made it clear that just because Paul escaped a showdown this time, he cannot simply run away from the issue and the impact of his hard-line views on the lives of her and others whose lives may change drastically if the DREAM Act is repealed.

“If he really wants to run [for election], he’s gonna have to face this issue,” Andiola said  during an interview with  MSNBC. “It’s a tough issue, but reality is that if you have someone who is actually affected by it try to talk to you, you don’t run away. You actually sit there and actually try to talk.”

She also said that Paul, who has since denied being scared away by the immigrants, actually left mid-meal to avoid the talk, pointing out he “didn’t even finish his burger and bailed out.”

She also said that by avoiding her – and some hard talk on the immigration issue – that Paul was also shooting himself in the foot when it comes the next election cycle.

“I don’t know if Rand Paul actually learned a lesson from Mitt Romney, but Mitt Romney lost his election with the Latino vote because he didn’t support the DREAM Act and because he believed in self-deportation,” Andiola stressed. “So I hope he thinks about it twice before he shows up with Steve King and talks about things like immigration.”

Paul countered that he has no fear of talking about the immigration issue but believes the border must be secured first and that he just happened to get up in a hurry at that very moment to get to a pre-arranged interview scheduled mid-meal.

Photo Credit: MSNBC

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