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Pat Robertson Tells Viewers He Has Biblical ‘Proof’ Muslims are the Antichrist

Pat Robertson is at it again. This time, the aging televangelist has some pretty startling ‘revelations’ about who the Muslims really are and why President Obama just can’t see their evil ways.

During today’s 700 Club,¬†Robertson told his viewers that the Bible makes it clear that Muslims are actually the Antichrist as found in the Christian scriptures.

“There is no question about it, they meet the role of the Antichrist,” he claimed, adding that have proven their sinister nature by speaking against Christ and reviling the cross.

More dangerously, he warned his flock, “They want to destroy the Israelis and they want to destroy the Christians.”

He continued by stressing that President Obama is blind to the ‘sinister’ Muslim ways thanks to his international childhood where he was “trained in Indonesia with the Muslim point of view.”

While Robertson’s anti-Muslim and anti-Obama claims have been out there before, this one may just top the list of mean-spirited falsehoods coming from the octogenarian evangelist.

First off, most Muslims do not actually hate Jesus at all. In fact, according to Dr. Alan Godlas, a scholar of Islam, the Quran holds Jesus in high regard and “assert[s] Jesus’ holiness, in the sense that he lived in the world while being pure and free of sin.” Traditional Muslims also believe in the virgin birth and in general think Jesus was a pretty holy guy.

Second, not all Muslims want to destroy Israel and even fewer want to destroy Christianity. Those that do are extremists. The vast majority of moderate Muslims want to live in peace.

Finally, despite Robertson’s repeated claims Obama is a crypto-Muslim, while Obama was exposed to Muslim teachings in Indonesia as a young child, he also went to Catholic school and was largely taught by a Christian yet skeptical mom. Further, even if he did soak in some Muslim points of view as a small kid, there is no reason to suspect that this a bad thing and would make him a bad leader overall, unless, like Robertson seems to think, all Muslims are evil in the first place.

Yet ironically, Robertson seems to believe that those who do not think that Muslims are the Antichrist or recognize our crypto-Muslim Commander-in-Chief are the truly troubled souls.

“Come on, what universe are they inhabiting?” he exclaimed, declaring that he is astounded by those who can’t see the ‘truth’ as he imagines it.

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