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Fischer’s Logic: It is Okay For Me to Call a Black Man Racist, But Calling White People Racists Makes You a Liar

American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer topped himself yesterday on his radio show when in the course a few mere minutes or so he called Eric Holder a racist and then declared when the same language was used against whites it was inevitably a lazy lie.

During one of his many anti-Obama rants, Fischer was in the middle of calling Obama a tyrant when he went on an attack of Eric Holder and the Justice Department.

“He’s got an activist attorney general, Eric Holder, who said, ‘Look, I’m an activist attorney general. I make no bones about that; I am proud to be identified as an activist attorney general. I am not going to prosecute a single case where a white person is the victim,” Fischer opined, stretching the truth beyond repair.

He added falsely that Holder thinks, “If a white person is the victim I don’t care if they get justice, that’s no concern of mine. The only cases I am going to prosecute are where blacks are the victims.”

He stressed, “That makes him a racist,” before concluding that Martin Luther King actually lost his life trying to stop ‘racists’ like Holder.

Then, just one tirade later, Fischer started attacking Juan Williams for pointing out that those in favor of  Obama’s impeachment are “a white, older group of people,” which seems suspicious since Obama is our first black President.

Saying he was disappointed with Williams racist slant, the pro-impeachment Fischer then told his audience that calling white people racists was only for liars.

“It is just disappointing to me to see him slide into the gutter of playing the race card because that is the card you play when you are out of ammunition, when you don’t have an argument, when the truth is not on your side, when the facts are not on your side, when logic is not on your side, when the Constitution is not on your side, when the law is not on your side, that is when you start accusing people and calling people names,” he said, apparently not at all connecting this to the fact he called Holder a racist a minute ago based on his own lies.

“It is very disappointing to me to see Juan Williams stoop to this level,” Fischer then concluded, inevitably suggesting that playing the ‘race card’ was only ‘noble’ when white people like him did it, but never the other way around.

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