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Michele Bachmann: Impeachment is So Last Month, Turns Out It is Obama Was Behind the Whole Plot

Michele Bachmann seems a bit confused these days.

Apparently she thinks that it is actually President Obama who is “egging” on those Republican members of Congress calling for his impeachment because, according to Bachmann at least,  it is allowing him to do whatever he pleases in the White House while making conservatives look bad.

Claiming that the impeachment will ultimately “help his electoral chances in the fall,” she said last week on ‘The Lars Larson Show’ that the shadow of impeachment over the White House is giving the President enough cover to go ahead and  “take any lawless action that he wants to because he really doesn’t think that the Republicans will impeach him.”

She added, that “He figures it’s an open field day and now is the time to get everything he wants with his radical agenda.”

Yet, not even a month ago, it was Michele Bachmann herself who was leading the Obama impeachment crusade, using plenty of patriotic-sounding language to declare herself a general in the war against the White House.

“Legally, do I believe our president has committed impeachable offenses? Yes I do. And I believe that our president is subject to impeachment,” she said all the way back in July.

She also made it seem like it was the all-American thing to do.

“We the people who are elected in the United States Congress, we are here to be the voice of the people and we need to reflect what it is what the people are telling us,” she declared on the radio show ‘Faith and Liberty’. “There is a group of people who see that this president has committed an impeachable offense and are anxious for Congress to do something, but if you look at the overwhelming number of people, they just aren’t there yet and it is up to Congress to make the case and explain to the people why we have to impeach.”

Of course in fairness to the Minnesota GOPers, Bachmann’s  abrupt change of heart  likely has less to do with a well-reasoned approach to the topic and more to do with her willingness to be the megaphone for the latest Republican cause.

In this case, the Obama impeachment conspiracy plot is actually just a re-hashing of House Speaker John Boehner’s wordswho recently declared in a theory oddly similar to Bachmann’s that “this whole talk about impeachment is coming from the president’s own staff and coming from Democrats on Capitol Hill.”

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  • Thom Lee

    They don’t need any help in looking bad! The crazy gas no end apparently!

  • Debra Ranson

    Nutbag….party of one……

  • Daniel Jacobsen

    And they get elected !!!!!!!!

  • Tiajuana seemynuts

    Does she know Obama isn’t running for office?

    • Tamar Auber

      I thought the same thing, but I think she means to get Democratic seats in the upcoming elections in the fall, not Obama running….

    • Read More

      Does she know that the majority of us voted for him?

  • Wendell Craig Woods

    Weird woman!

  • Stacie

    This is what gets me. The GOP can say any stupid idiotic thing out of their mouths and then blame the President “He did it. He started this whole thing” like they are 2 year olds. Now he caused the Ebola outbreak or the Hurricane in Hawaii. They are so convincing a COP that was caught on tape saying “The President doesn’t abide by the Constitution so he doesn’t have too” quit because of his statements. These inflammatory baseless claims are dangerous and the “American People” are tired of it. Do your job stop constantly cause strife and confusion. WE SAW YOUR TRUE COLORS DURING THE BORDER CRISIS BILL VOTE. Can’t get a bill pass by your own majority so you tell the President what he can do with the exact power your suing him over. You’ve lost what little credibility you had left.

  • Pat Phillips

    As usual this delusional Harpee .has reached yet another low…and she has far to go to get even lower. No one is listening. You see after you cry wolf so many times with your lies and innuendo anyone who really matters to your cause, no matter how trite and shallow, stops listening. And you become, as you have, just a bore.

  • Pat Phillips

    I keep wondering…with that glazed fixed stare and Cheshire cat frozen grin….is she stoned? She always looks impaired….as intellectually , she actually is…