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Religion Made Him Do It: Michigan Man Unleashes Anti-LGBT Rant in Restaurant Parking Lot (VIDEO)

A Michigan man was hopping mad when he left a Delta Township restaurant earlier this week and noticed a group of people he thought were gay.

According to Isiah Tweedie, one of the targets of the attack, the man – later identified as Victor Sadet – accosted them outside the restaurant and went on a profane anti-LGBT diatribe.

“I said, ‘f_cking f_ggot.’ You want a picture? Take a picture,” Sadet, getting menacingly close to Tweedie yelled.

“I’m an American, born in America,” the ranter continued, thinking somehow that justified his hate.

Then, Sadet cited the Bible as further support his jabs. “God’s law — Leviticus, Leviticus — you should be put to death,” the man yelled, pointing at Tweedie.

While no one was physically hurt in the brief altercation, the amount of hate spewing from the man made the short confrontation seem violent, especially since it appears that the only thing Tweedie and his friends had done wrong was tried to share a parking lot with a bigot and antagonize him by trying to get his hate on tape.

Yet when contacted by the local news, Sadet justified his actions by telling them that he was simply acting on his religious principles which apparently compelled him to condemn homosexuality, but left him free to be a swearing jerk in public.

Tweedie, however, has another reason why he would have such a violent reaction to their mere presence.

“This is a man who is deep in his beliefs to the point of delusion,” Tweedie said.

As law professor Emily Harvath also pointed out, as nasty as the confrontation was outside the restaurant was, Sadet was right about one thing. As an American, it is his right to talk trash.

While Delta Township passed last year specifically outlawing discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, it doesn’t apply to crazy patrons spouting off in a restaurant’s parking lot.

“The ordinance only applies to the restaurant’s treatment of its patrons,” Harvath explained. “Because patrons treatment of other patrons is covered by that individual’s first amendment right.”

When it comes to individuals, there is often very little recourse when they spew such venomous rants.

“As obnoxious as it is, sadly, people have a right to be obnoxious,” Harvath stressed, pointing out that the First Amendment applies to all, even bigots acting in the name of their ‘faith.’

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