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Conservative Author: Obama is a Pathological Liar, The Tea Party is the Real ‘Centrist’ Hero

Conservative author David Horowitz has some serious issues with the Obama administration. In fact, he thinks that the Commander-in-Chief is so negligent in his duties that his ‘swiss cheese’ border policies will ultimately kill ‘real’ Americans.

In a recent interview, the FrontPage editor reiterated the unsubstantiated rumor that “tens of thousands of Americans are going to die because of Obama” due to policies that allow terrorists and practically everyone else to just cross over American’s porous southern border.

“Look what they’ve done. They’re operating as though this isn’t America. They’re destroying our borders. You can’t have a country without borders,” he said, echoing the anti-immigrant rhetoric of the far right.

Yet, even that anti-Obama talk paled in comparison to his most recent rant where he declared Obama a tyrant and the Christian right the real heroes trying to save America.

Appearing on Sandy Rios in the Morning on Thursday, Horowitz called Obama a “compulsive, brazen, pathological liar” who is “acting like a complete tyrant.”

He didn’t stop there, though. Borrowing from yet another far-right rumor, he said if it were not for the Constitution, right-thinking Americans may soon be in jail under Obama’s ‘criminal’ ways when he “put on a military uniform and start throwing people in jail.”

He also wanted to make it clear who the real defenders of the Constitution truly were.

It was certainly not liberals who spend their time poking fun at the “centrist” Tea Party and supporting the criminal, ‘lying’ Obama, Horowitz insisted.

The real heroes were, in Horowitz’s mind at least, the conservative camp who is fighting with Christian values to ‘clean-up’ America.

“Christian conservatives are missionaries [who] do good” and save people from dangerous disease like the  the Ebola virus, Horowitz said, concluding that Obam and the “Leftists are destroyers,” whose policies are hurting America and downright dangerous to the nation.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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