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How SNL Hilariously Predicted the Sarah Palin Channel Way Back in 2009

For those willing to plunk down $9.95 a month, there is never a reason to run out of Sarah Palin. The Sarah Palin Channel is off to a somewhat predictable all-about-Sarah start helping to make sure the attention-seeking GOPer is never, ever out of the public’s eye.

Yet, it seems that while Palin may have waited to launch the channel until now, the comedy team at Saturday Night Live knew a Palin channel was inevitable and even joked about its creation in 2009.

What makes it even funnier is just how close the ‘fake’ Sarah Palin Network and the real Sarah Palin Channel actually are in their welcoming shots.

Looking dead into the camera the ‘fake Sarah Palin’ aka Tina Fey tells her viewers, “Hello my fellow Americans…its me. You know every since I won the silver medal in last year’s vice-presidential election I have made it my goal to connect with as many people of this great nation as possible…”

The real Sarah Palin (once you have given over your credit card information) pops up and looks directly at the camera for this patriotic welcome for new subscribers:

“Hey, thank you so for joining our channel. This really is our channel, yours and mine, where we share ideas and discuss the issues of the day, and find solutions together to restore all that is good and strong about America. . . .”

Where the SNL spoof got it wrong, though, is that. apparently, they thought Palin would be willing to give up camera time to have real shows with far-right values that did not necessarily star Palin.

In reality, Palin is so anxious to have your attention, on her actual channel she is showing people the moose meat in her freezer, using air time to wish her parents a happy anniversary and bashing Obama and even  Jesse Ventura.

Forward Progressives, who brought old SNL clip to light, also point out that although the similarities between the SNL skit and the now-real Sarah Palin Channel are worth a chuckle, the sad truth is they suggest just how much Palin may just be resorting to mocking herself.

“It’s obvious this entire [SNL] skit was done to blatantly mock how ridiculous Sarah Palin is, yet five years later the Sarah Palin Channel ended up becoming a reality,” they said, pointing out that that Palin’s brand new internet channel will likely be just as outrageous and self-centered as the SNL skit.

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Tina Fey – The Sarah Palin Network – Saturday… by ugkra

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