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Far-Right Pastor: Red Tyrant Abraham Lincoln Destroyed America

Far-right pastor and radio host Kevin Swanson has a whole list of people who have destroyed America. Now, it seems that Abraham Lincoln is at the top of his dubious rolls.

In a discussion with a neo-Confederate author Walter Kennedy  last month, Swanson declared that the ‘red tyrant’ Lincoln was the first to introduce communism into America in an effort to move people from Slavery ‘A’ to Slavery ‘B’ or as he explained,  from antebellum slavery to Big Government, social slavery.

“It’s the socialist utopians that come into town and they promise deliverance from local fiefdoms only to create a large tyranny in the Soviet Union, Soviet America and Soviet China and Soviet everywhere else in the world,” he ranted.

Swanson added that it was Abraham Lincoln who started this ball on the destruction of America by having the gall to end slavery in the country for good.

“Post-Civil War, you’ve got the socialist goals, the communist platform, the Manifesto platform, I think there are ten elements to the platform, one by one they come about in our country,” Swanson stressed, adding that once slavery ended, something even more sinister happened in the country, the birth of the public school.

Chiming in, neo-Confederate Kennedy – who previously on the broadcast had explained Lincoln had been messed up with the likes of Marx and other communists when he decided to go to war with the south – agreed public schools were just plain evil.

Public schools “make all the children think alike and think the way the government wanted them to think, no different than in Nazi Germany or in Soviet Union or in North Korea,” he said. “They want all of the children to think alike, and what tyrant doesn’t want all of his subjects to think alike?”

Kennedy then explained just how Lincoln and his Marxist Republicans were actually plotting Big Government socialism all along, public school brainwashing and all.

“The Democrats, both Northern and Southerners, believed in limited government and the Marxists hated that concept, they wanted to do away with states’ rights and limited government so that they’d have one big all-powerful indivisible government that could force its will upon the American people,” Kennedy explained, agreeing with Pastor Swanson that by battling with the south to end slavery, Lincoln paved the way for communism to creep in.

Photo Credit: Right Wing Watch

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