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Really? A Texas Commission Thinks Gun Shows and Alcohol Should Mix

Texas officials are mulling over a change in a current law that would allow alcohol to be served at gun shows.

Currently in the state, any time a gun show is in a venue all alcohol sales must be suspended for the entire duration of the event, including set-up and tear-down.

One gun club, though, recently complained about the ban  to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission prompting the agency to reconsider if serving booze around guns was really all that bad.

According to Commission spokeswoman Carolyn Beck, they decided it was not, as long as the guns were not loaded and no one picked up their weapons near the booze.

“If there wasn’t going to be any live ammunition, and the guns on display would be disabled, and they didn’t transfer weapons to people there where the drinks were, then that wasn’t such a big public safety risk,” Beck said, explaining the Commission’s position in the matter.

Even Texas gun owners ,though, shook their heads at the proposed ruling – now subject to a 30-day time for public comment – stressing mixing gun shows and alcohol is still a bad plan.

Some complained that the new rules – which would disallow people from picking up their newly acquired firearms on site because alcohol was around – would actually ruin gun sales and defeat the purpose of the events all for the sake of a beer stand.

“Everybody is like us here, they come to buy, sell and trade,” William Light told ABC at a gun show on Saturday. He added that having to wait to pick-up your gun or ammo just so you could get a beer would “make it too much of a hassle.”

Another gun show patron said that the idea was just asking for trouble because someone is bound to act stupid.

“You will find people in here who are going to say, ‘Oh yeah, that’s a great idea. Why can’t we have a beer at the gun show? Nobody’s got a loaded gun.’ But stupid things happen. It’s just like drinking and driving,” Josh Jenson said.

One of the few supporters of the measure interviewed by ABC said that it is not fair that other events get to have booze when gun shows don’t.

“It’s another event. Why not sell a margarita to go with it?” Crystal Hartt said, echoing the handful of supporters on Twitter that concluded the rule is not dangerous because guns are just objects and  ‘guns don’t drink.’

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