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KKK Rallies in North Carolina to Protest ‘Mixed Breeds’, Locals Shout Them Down

The Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan planned to talk about illegal immigration at a rally in Troy, North Carolina on Saturday. Instead, they ended up screaming about ‘mixed breeds’ and being drowned out by angry locals.

According to local Fox affiliate WGHP, the hour-long event quickly devolved into a shouting match after far more counter-protesters than hooded haters showed up in front of the Montgomery County Courthouse.

One counter-protester came from out-of-town to make it clear the Klansman that their brand of hate does not belong in his state.

“I think a lot of us are pretty disturbed with the idea of them thinking that this is the kind of place they can have those kind of rallies,” Scout Rosen said.

One Troy resident was appalled that they could even have such an event in town.

“I didn’t think that they would allow something like this to be happening,” Devante Gainy said.

Jasmine Spencer, a reporter for the local Fox affiliate took to twitter to live tweet the Klan’s actions and the counter-protesters response on Saturday afternoon.

At one point she wrote, “So far no actual speech against illegal immigration just words of ‘white power’, ‘come get some’ and ‘read the Bible.'”

Later, she tweeted a photo of counter-protesters from Winston-Salem holding messages like “OMG…KKK…WTF…” and “Why are we still fighting the KKK in 2014?”

As the shouts grew louder, Spencer reported the counter-protesters broke out into a chorus of “Hallelujah” to drown out the hate.

Meanwhile, the robed Klansmen held a copy of the Bible and signs reading “Obama=Broke”, “Say No to Pedro,” and a somewhat confusing “Open Border for [America scratched out] Israel,” while shouting for people to “Go to work” and “Stop relying on the West.”

While the image of the Klan on the steps of the county courthouse may be shocking and a reminder of past violence, according to the SPLC, residents should not worry about the hooded hatemongers anymore.

Instead, despite the Klan’s insistence it is on the rise and the spate of public recruitment efforts, the SPLC said the Klan is quickly becoming irrelevant and impotent as it struggles to attract new members to its increasingly unattractive and muddled cause.

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Watch the Klan talk about their current recruitment drive below:

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