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Pat Robertson Calls on God to Send His Angels to Impeach Obama

On Monday, Pat Robertson turned to retired General Paul Vallely to help prove his point that chaos and destruction are coming and it is all Barack Obama’s fault.

Guest General Vallely wasted no time during the 700 Club broadcast outlining why Americans should be fearful of doom and gloom in the coming days unless Obama is promptly ousted.

“I would tell the four star [general], the head of Central Command, two words: Destroy ISIS,” Vallely said, imagining how he and the conservatives could be handling world events better. “If I was there, I would give [the order], but under President Obama, he is such an amateur, he basically lives in the Twilight Zone, his staff does, his national security team does.”

He then said that swift action was needed to get a better national security force in there to saving the country because Obama’s team is “taking us on national suicide, and you can see the suicide that’s going on in the Middle East, by the county not participating and assisting to destroy ISIS.”

Calling for Obama’s impeachment, Vallely then said that the one ray of hope is that already conservatives in Congress were laying the ground work to get rid of Obama.

The televangelist chimed in to point out that he agreed inaction was going to destroy the entire nation, sending Vallely off on another tirade.

“There will be cataclysmic events within the year, I can tell you that,” Vallely warned, calling for more conservatives in Washington. “We need very strong leaders in Washington today to be able to turn this country around. And I call it national suicide, I call it America at a crossroads.”

To draw the fearmongering segment to a close, Robertson further told that audience that every American should be concerned about the “chaos and terror” that may result if Obama stays in the Oval Office.

The pastor then called each of them to pray that God was on their side in this political fight.

“We see a feckless administration unwilling to act except in feckless terms,” the televangelist prayed in his best evangelistic voice. “God, we need the angels! We need your help! We need the strength of God Almighty! We need your power, Lord!”

“Intervene, Lord!” he called out to God in tele-prayer. “Send the angels! Do miracles!”

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