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The AFA Thinks Archie Comics Are Destroying Young American Minds

The American Family Association wants the world to know about a new threat to young American minds – Archie Comics.

The fabled Archie Comic series – which rose to fame in the 1960’s and has been losing readership dramatically over the past few decades – has decided to kill off their beloved main character Archie Andrews in a totally 2014 way.

In the final comic, which went on the stands last week, Archie dies while saving a friend who just so happens to be gay.

Apparently, the fact that most kids in America have no idea who Archie is any more though, did not stop the AFA from declaring that the comic hero’s demise was just one more way kids in 2014 are being brainwashed into thinking people who are gay are human beings too.

“I know I sound like an old crank but when kids grow up being fed lies, why should we surprised if they believe lies?” AFA’s Ed Vitagliano said, upset that his once comic book hero would help out a person who is not straight.

He added that once they are introduced to gay characters in books and television then it is only a matter of time before the kids start accepting that the LGBT community has a right to get married too, leaving Christian parents to scratch their heads and wonder what went so wrong.

The AFA host even said he knows why young people today accept the LGBT community more than their parents. It is all because of the late 1990’s to mid-200o’s show, ‘Will and Grace.’

“These kids grew up watching their parents laugh at Will & Grace, which changed people’s opinions, and now the kids don’t have a problem with it,” he demanded, apparently believing that the Archie comics – which will be read mostly by diehard adult fans – are likewise designed to destroy young minds.

Of course, while it is unlikely that many young minds will be saved by their anti-gay warnings, the AFA’s moral outrage does serve one purpose.

All the buzz generated by the group’s negative remarks are likely helping the Archie comic character go out with a publicity bang.

When Archie Comics sent their last comic featuring the now ancient teen to press, they were relying on such press – both positive and negative – “to make headlines, generate discussion” and make the final edition “stand as one of the most-talked about Archie stories of all time.”

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