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Pat Robertson’s Anti-Obama Fearmongering Strikes Again: ‘Are We Going to Have a Revolution?

Aging televangelist Pat Robertson is on an anti-Obama roll this week. On Monday, retired General Paul Vallely appeared on the evangelical show to convince viewers that Obama was leading the country on a suicide mission and warned that if Obama was not impeached, “there will be cataclysmic events within the year.”

Then today, Robertson further spread his gospel of fear and Christian persecution when he brought in two other ‘experts’ to prove his point that Obama is destroying America and targeting godly folk.

Sitting at the news-style desk during Tuesday’s broadcast, Fox News commentator Todd Starnes declared, “there is a war on religious liberty and that war is being directed at people of the Christian faith.”

Adding that under Obama, Muslims get favors while Christians are marginalized, Starnes further made it clear Obama’s administration was no friend to Jesus followers, prompting Robertson to ask when the Christians would finally revolt against the tyrant Obama.

“Are we going to have a revolution or something? We ought to have something,” the television preacher cried before the commentary devolved to a discussion of how Christians were now living in Miley Cyrus world with Duck Dynasty-style ‘heroes’ like them out of place.

Then on the same show, Robertson brought out another ‘expert‘ to help ‘prove’ the latest incidence of religious-right persecution – the corruption trial of Virginia’s GOP governor Bob McDonnell who went on trial in late July for accepting expensive gifts, loans and vacations from people hoping for political favor.

Guest Jay Sekulow, who happens to have close ties with McDonnell, called the trial a “political witch hunt” orchestrated by Obama administration’s Eric Holder.

Robertson agreed, preaching to his faithful he was convinced Holder was “behind this stuff.”

He also used the McDonnell trial to drive his anti-Obama message home.

“It is just one more reason why this administration is just destroying this nation and destroying its own credibility,” Robertson said, stressing his anti-Obama point yet again.

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