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‘I Wasn’t Racist’: National Review Author Defends Stunningly Bigoted Article

Conservative writer Kevin D. Williamson recently wrote a piece in which he describes a black child as making a “gesture of primate territorial challenge.”

Now, according to Talking Points Memo, Williamson doesn’t think he wasn’t being a racist at all when he penned that phrase, since humans just happen to be primates too.

“Funny, I didn’t write anything about monkeys,” he tweeted, putting the racist blame on all those outraged by his offensive words. “Interesting where your mind goes.”

Yet while he does have his taxonomy correct, it is hard to imagine that the conservative could have easily have substituted a “gesture of human territorial challenge” and conveyed the same meaning in his prose, especially when you read the whole disgusting and wordy description of the episode.

“‘Hey, hey craaaaaacka! Cracka!White devil! F*** you, white devil!’The guy looks remarkably like Snoop Dogg: skinny enough for a Vogue advertisement, lean-faced with a wry expression, long braids,” Williamson wrote in racial charged language.  “He glances slyly from side to side, making sure his audience is taking all this in, before raising his palms to his clavicles, elbows akimbo, in the universal gesture of primate territorial challenge.”

A few lines down, he then reveals he is talking about a child of about nine years old in East St. Louis which he calls a “three-fifths-scale Snoop Dogs” that he met while touring the ‘decay’ left by Governor Pat Quinn. He also manages to question the child’s parentage by describing the woman with the boy as “his mom — I assume she’s his mom.”

In case you missed it, he just described a little black boy as three-fifths a real man, with questionable parentage who is raising his arms up to his chest like an angry Donkey Kong.

Jonathon Chait of NY Magazine points out that no matter what excuse Williamson can think up, this is just blatant racism masquerading as verbose political commentary.

“When the writer also decides the best comparison for a young black kid’s behavior is a monkey and to gratuitously question his parentage, there’s really not much question, is there?” he stressed, pointing out in this case there is no excuse for such bigotry, making Williamson’s words just plain wrong – whether humans are primates or not.

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