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Bigotry on Parade: Texas ‘Christians’ Hold Press Conference to Denounce Gay People, Spread Anti-LGBT Rumors

Last week, it was a veritable parade of unsubstantiated bigoted rumor when Texas’ far-right anti-LGBT crowd held a press conference to ‘prove’ just how bad the gay community was for Texas.

At one point far-right pastor Steve Washburn warned on behalf of all pastors in Texas and without any real evidence at all,  that Christians will soon be in jail for reading the Word of God.

“If it becomes illegal for us to stand in our pulpit and preach pro-family issues, if that biblical language becomes hate speech, if we are facing imprisonment by speaking our religion which is defended by the First Amendment, we are going to see thousands and thousands of Bible-preaching pastors going to jail,” he said. “And I don’t think anyone wants to see that.”

He was joined by fellow pastor Charles Flowers, who agreed that Christians were in real jeopardy as long as gay people exist.

Gays “seek special rights and a protected opportunity to punish and persecute anyone not in agreement with their lifestyle choice,” Flowers preached, again without reaching for any other proof other than the LGBT community has been fighting to be allowed to marry each other in the state.

The highlight of the press conference, however, was the always delightfully outraged church lady and GOP leader Cathie Adams, who took to the podium and warned that if gay people were allowed to marry, good Christians would flee the state en masse which is what is exactly what happened in Massachusetts (never mind the higher price of living and lack of jobs to attract the young in the northern state).

“So why in the world would Texas, that is growing and the fastest growing, want to join Massachusetts, that is declining. People are moving away, they are voting with their feet, out of Massachusetts,” she said, also failing to mention that the population growth of Texas includes a lot of immigrants, which she also really dislikes (but not as much as gays apparently).

She also warned the faithful they must also beware of dangerous liberals luring people into same-sex marriage lies that will ruin the state. “There are liberals who are trying to influence all of us in places like Hollywood and San Francisco,” she said, hoping to spark outrage among her fellow Texans. “They want to change Texas.”

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