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Tom DeLay Wants Jesus Back at the Center of Politics, Just Like God Wants it to Be

Tom DeLay is on a mission to save America for Jesus and deliver the country from the arms of the evil Marxist Obama and is anti-Christian ways.

Sharing the stage with Rick Santorum at a ‘Give Me Liberty’ Event held at a Florida church recently, DeLay stressed once again that the Constitution was written by God.

He also called on the faith to rise up in a Christian “revolution” and “put Jesus back into our public policy, just as God intended when He wrote the Constitution.”

DeLay further preached to party faithful that it was the time to make certain that the federal government was the Christian institution that God always meant it to be.

“We’ve got to rewrite the federal government,” DeLay declared, obviously planning to toss out the entire idea of separation of church and state in the process. “Let’s bring Jesus Christ back into our political system and stand for him unashamedly because none of this is going to happen without God.”

DeLay’s latest appearance is yet another sign of how extreme the once disgraced former House Majority Leader and his ‘Christian’ political message has become, especially since he has  made it clear that in his new ‘Constitutional’ government, the first amendment will not hold much weight.

Nor will non-Christians, who he has also indicated must also be pushed aside, even if they are conservatives and one-time frenemies.

After the ousting of the GOP’s Eric Cantor – the only Jewish Republican in Congress -, DeLay declared the Tea Party’s candidates victory as a sign from God and win for the Christian political cause.

“I’m not trying to be arrogant or a know-it-all but this is what I’ve been calling for well over a year now: spiritual revival and a revolution for the Constitution. I saw this as a manifestation of that,” DeLay told the Washington Times. “As I travel around the country what I hear from people, particularly Christians, is that they want to bring God back into the public arena, they want a revolution for the Constitution, they want constitutional government and they have a huge thirst for leadership.”

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