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Right-Wing Fearmongering: If You Don’t Vote GOP, Obama Will Become Dictator and ISIS Will Impose Sharia Law on US!

Rev. Austin Miles is a right-winger who claims to have ‘broken’ hard-hitting stories about how Islam will soon be required in U.S. public schools and has lost blogging rights with the Christian Post and the Examiner.

He also just called on his fellow right-wingers to help foil a ‘sinister’ plan to stop Obama and ISIS from taking over the world by voting for the GOP.

This devious Obama-centered plot – which he laid out in a recent article for Renew America – apparently started years ago when those trying to destroy America found a young Obama in his native Kenya.

“Let this be clear: Obama was PLACED in the Oval Office for the express purpose of destroying America. His Communist handlers (CPUSA) found him in Kenya, his birthplace, and groomed him,” Miles wrote in a recent column for Renew America, making liberal use of bold to make his unverifiable point.

He then made it clear what the birthers have known all along  (despite being widely debunked) – Obama can’t be a ‘real’ President and thus his whole residency in the White House is a giant fraud.

Yet Miles did not stop with garden variety birther speculation.

According to pastor’s provocative prose, all the fake birth certificates and duping voters into thinking Obama was a ‘real’ America were only intended to be a stepping stone in the Communist’s dastardly plan.

The real super-secret plan is “for Obama to use Executive Order to declare himself Dictator for Life in 2016.”

Once installed, according to Miles, Dictator Obama will pave the way for ISIS to impose sharia law across America and persecute Christians.

Of course, there is only one way to stop the sinister destruction of America – vote Republican.

“It is up to the people of America to bond together to prevent this,” the pastor preached.  “In November, even though the election will be rigged to favor the democrats, a unanimous strong showing of voters against this must be filed. That will give momentum for things to come to rescue America.”

Photo Credit: Helen Trautman (Possible mock-up of billboard planned for Tennessee)

FYI: Here are some more facts to counter Miles’ conspiracy theory.

– Obama uses executive orders less than other Presidents, including Reagan.

– There is no plan to teach Islam in public schools, although serial fibber Fox’s Todd Starnes seem to think it is possible.

– While there are concerns about an ISIS attack on U.S. soil, it is likely to be a terrorist attack if it happens at all, not the imposition of sharia law.

Photo Credit: All Voices

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